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We all want glowing white teeth like celebrities. As vain as it sounds, we all want that perfect smile in our gram worthy snaps. If you have ever gone through the teeth whitening process, it can be painful and a long process. Let’s be honest I drink to much coffee for it to be a long process!

I recently read about Roxy Jacenko becoming the new ambassador of Sparkling White Smile. So like any good blogger I stalked! If Roxy has time to get her teeth whitened then surely I do!

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So who is Sparkling White Smile?
Sparkling White Smile offers the best teeth whitening products available in Australia today.  With a Professional Teeth Whitening system that produces maximum results in less than one. It works by using a laser accelerator lamp to activate the whitening gel which rapidly bleaches the tooth staining resulting in a Sparkling White Smile. The outcome is an improvement of five to fourteen shades on untreated teeth in just one session.

Having spent the last 4 years researching and developing their own teeth whitening system, which has resulted in the simplest and most effective teeth whitening system now recognised across Australia. Their peroxide gels are the strongest legal available in Australia for use outside dental clients.

Oh and to make teeth whitening fun… they also throw teeth whitening parties! A great way to spend an afternoon or an evening getting together with friends or with family or even a Hen’s party! Bring professional teeth whitening services in your home or office with fun and in style.

Private, discreet and fully bespoke, Sparkling White Smile’s free mobile service is rapidly growing in popularity.

Sparkling White Smile offer two treatment types – The Triple Treatment and The Ultra White Treatment. First time customers are encouraged to have a 6 week touch up treatment, followed by 6-12 monthly maintenance treatments, depending on the individual and lifestyle factors. Priced from $300 with mobile service available in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Not bad at all!
So who started Sparkling White Smile?

Alison Egan, who, at 20, introduced Australia to the first at home mobile professional teeth whitening service, which has seen Alison’s business sky rocket over the past four years, servicing 250-400 clients per week across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Alison’s first insight into Sparkling White Smile was after a dream she had in 2014, about having sparkling white teeth. Previously a Mental Health Nurse, Alison could not afford professional teeth whitening at the dentist, which can cost up to $1000, she came across an ad on google with cosmetic teeth whitening in the UK.

After many 18 hour days and sleepless nights, 24 year-old Alison Egan has turned her dream into a multimillion dollar business, signing Roxy Jacenko as her new ambassador.

Meet Alison Egan…


Sparkling White Smile has sky rocketed in the last 4years, with the service now available in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. What do you believe was the key to success in the past 4years?

I believe the key to success was taking on every opportunity I possible could, hard work and dedication. I also believe it was providing my staff with the correct training and supporting them to do the best they could.

What made you create Sparkling White Smile?

I had a dream that I was getting my teeth whitened and my teeth were so white. The next day at work I looked up to get my teeth whitened in the dentist it was going to cost be $1000. There happened to be an ad on the google search with cosmetic teeth whitening in the UK. I clicked on it read up on it and then looked over the internet for cosmetic teeth whitening in Australia and at the time it wasn’t known of in Australia.

What can you expect from the Sparkling White Smile experience?

A lovely, professional dental nurse, or registered nurse will come over to your house or wherever you would like the treatment to take place and will put your treatment on. Your technician will make you feel comfortable from the get-go. Our customers regularly achieve results of up to 11 shades whiter; with the average improvement being 6-8 shades. It is a natural whitening product that will get your teeth to their natural colour. 

Recently you signed Roxy Jacenko on as an ambassador for Sparkling White Smile, what made you feel that Roxy was the perfect ambassador?

Prior signing with Roxy, Me and My Team attended her office and whitened Roxy and her Teams teeth. Roxy uploaded on her Instagram that she was having the treatment done and we had so many people say “omg you do Roxy Jacanko’s teeth”. I personally look up to Roxy as a role model.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Ambitious, driven to succeed and confident.

As a young business woman, what keeps you going when you are mentally spent and going through a tough time business wise?

In these times, I have been able to teach myself to stay calm and not to give up. I try to take the positive out of bad situations.

 Do you have a mantra or quote you live by?

Wherever you are, be all there.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.


 What makes Sparkling White Smile superior to other teeth whitening products on the market?

I have a team of amazing of registered nurses, dental nurses and experienced technicians who do an amazing job on the clients. I travelled overseas to source the gels I use now, which incorporates the highest-level peroxide gels legally available for use in Australia (outside of dental surgeries), laser accelerator lamp to rapidly activate the whitening gel. 

What’s one product in your bag you can’t live without?

My Phone 🙂

I know tea and Coffee stain our teeth but are you a Coffee or Tea kinda girl? How do you have it?

Honesty, I hate Coffee and Tea in-fact anything to do with milk – I have no idea where I get my energy from!

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To get  Sparkling White Smile teeth today head over to their website and BOOK.

To stalk Instagram… HERE you won’t be disappointed.

KB xx

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