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Bianca Monley, EAT FIT FOOD

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Have you heard of Eat Fit Food?
Meet Bianca Monley, The Founder.

From an early age, entrepreneur and visionary Bianca Monley, has had a passion for good food and business. At just 22 Bianca’s two loves combined when she created Australia’s premier gourmet, wholefood meal delivery service – Eat Fit Food.

Growing up in the small New Zealand town of Wanaka, Bianca worked in her family’s restaurant where she would do everything from cleaning to peeling potatoes. She would also forage watercress in local waterways to use in the restaurant and sell to other local chefs. Even at just 10 years old it was clear Bianca had an eye for business opportunities!

In 2000, Bianca moved to Australia where she started working in the fitness industry. While she loved her job, Bianca was shocked at the number of people eating highly processed, bland and ‘unhealthy’ foods in their quest to lose weight and achieve their fitness goals. Noticing a real gap between fitness and nutrition, Bianca was inspired to create a nutritious, gourmet and time-saving solution that more about lifestyle and less about fad diets. The inspiration for Eat Fit Food struck and she ran with it.

Today, Eat Fit Food is the go-to for tens of thousands of loyal clients in Australia. Her vision became an empire! I was lucky enough to sit down with Bianca for 5 minutes.


Thank you for taking time out of your crazy busy schedule.
At 22yrs old you have created an empire. How have you motivated yourself to keep going when you either hit a wall or had people saying you’re crazy, it’s never going to work?

  The challenging times are when I am at my best at Eat Fit Food. Something just kicks me to gear and I can operate on a whole new level. When I have something I want to achieve I think back to why it is I do what I do and the immense satisfaction running Eat Fit Food brings me. I ask the thoughts and views of others but ultimately always trust my gut and follow my heart. I have an unstoppable belief in my mission and no one or anything can shake that.

 What made you create Eat Fit Food?

 It was started out of a true passion to change the way people perceive healthy eating and to make it easy for people with busy lifestyles to eat well. Working in the fitness industry at the time, I was tired of hearing people say their busy lifestyle was the reason they weren’t looking after their health. Back in 2002 when I first started the business there was very little health food around and no one was delivering fresh meals daily. I saw an opportunity so quit my job and started the business out of my small apartment in Bondi.

 For someone who hasn’t tried Eat Fit Food, what can they expect?

    To be blown away by the freshness and quality of our product. We are the real deal when it comes to fresh meals. They’re all made with love in our commercial kitchen and delivered to your doorstep the next day. We have a constantly evolving Healthy Eating menu (a La Carte style), fully inclusive programs; Cleanse, Clean + Lean, and our newest program, 3-day vegan reset. Our food is life changing, and there is something for everyone.

 Eat Fit Food has grown from its humble beginnings. With thousands of clients including celebrities and is available in both Sydney and Melbourne. Is the overall plan to be in every state in Australia?

 Absolutely! We are always looking for ways we can get Eat Fit Food out to more people. Our recent launch into Caltex’s new concept The Foodary will help bring this mission to fruition, making healthy food accessible and affordable to more Australians nationwide.

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What is one of your favourite meals from Eat Fit Food?

 It’s so hard to choose one. Right now it would have to be the Prawn + crab spaghetti with a light tomato broth. It’s seriously like what you would order in a high-end restaurant.

A mother of 3 under 4, I’m just going to ask, how do you do it all? Be an amazing mum and grow an empire?

 I won’t lie there are good days and bad. I make it a priority to exercise, I eat well (most of the time), and meditate daily. This really helps to keep me motivated and in a positive state of mind. It’s important for me to put myself first so I can be at my best for everyone around me, and sometimes that means saying NO. When I fall down it’s a domino effect.

 With life being so hectic, what do you do for downtime?

 I use guided meditations while the kid’s sleep. Outside that I love to run, it just makes me feel so free. It sounds cliché but it really does clear the mind, I do my best problem solving while running.

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Do you have a mantra or favourite quote you live by?

 “You must have an almost irrational self-belief that propels you forward, despite any

chaos or failure around you” Lisa Messenger

 3 words that best describe you?

 Driven, Positive, Strong

Tea or coffee, how do you have it?

Coffee  – Either a Piccolo or strong ¾ latte

Favorite book?

Daring + Disruptive by Lisa Messenger

Travelling and food are a beautiful mixture. Where is somewhere you have been that inspires you in the kitchen?

Earlier this year my partner and I visited Tuscany. Food is central to their culture, amazingly delicious food at that. All the people we met were so passionate about their food and culture, it was contagious. I did a cooking class there and learnt all about traditional Italian cooking methods, an experience I will remember forever. I would highly recommend travelling there if you love food.

Favorite meal to cook at home in the kitchen?

Slow cooked roast lamb on a Sunday in Winter with a glass of red.

What’s next for Eat Fit Food?

Our fresh meals will soon be popping up in places all around Australia. Next year you will see a large expansion to more areas including Queensland.

Thank you so much, Bianca! 

If you’re interested in trying Eat Fit Food you can check out their website HERE or stalk INSTAGRAM to see what it’s all about.

KB xx

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