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Courtney and Kimberley Treacy, THE LIP LAB

Have you ever dreamt of creating your own perfect shade of lipstick or making a foundation in your exact colour? The Lip Lab is a one-of-a-kind beauty store concept that puts you in control to do exactly that! Creating custom blended lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations and concealers,

The Lip Lab is the first beauty brand in Australia to offer in-store blending using a centrifugal blending machine.

Create your very own customised cosmetics in as little as 15 minutes for lipstick and around 30 minutes for a foundation, for instant, take-home-on-the-spot gratification! Best of all The Lip Lab are proudly cruelty-free with zero animal testing on any products or ingredients.


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The Lip Lab was founded by sisters Courtney and Kimberley Treacy, I was lucky enough to catch 5 Minutes with these busy girls.

Ladies, I’m a massive fan of The Lip Lab, I think it’s a genius idea but tell me how it all began? How did you come up with the idea?

When we first discovered this product, we agreed there was definitely a gap in the market here in Australia for customized makeup. We didn’t realise it would be as popular as it has proven to be. We researched the product and process for some time before we jumped in.

People must have thought you were crazy when you first suggested it. The possibility of it not taking off, even though in your eyes it was going to be the next big thing. How did you stay focused and motivated to achieve success?

Initially trying to explain the concept was a struggle. Individuals could not grasp that you could make a lipstick in under 30 minutes, however as soon as we showed people, everyone was blown away. Some people were dismissive like, oh there are a million lipsticks on the market, why is this different, but everyone who tries the process falls in love. We always knew it would take off, it was just a matter of getting it out there.

I personally love that you have qualified people on hand in the Lab to cater to your needs when it comes to BYO (bend your own) products. For those that haven’t been to The Lip Lab yet, what can they expect when they walk in the door?

All of our staff have a background in beauty, makeup and customer service. Once you walk in the door, you’ll be asked to fill in a consultation form, which asks your previous experiences in lipsticks or foundations, what you have liked and not liked, what products you have used and loved etc. Our staff will then go through the process of blending your ideal formula, if its lipstick, you can choose, matte, crème, vegan, liquid matte or even lip-glosses. Plus you are able to try on your creation and make changes as you go. Once your colour is made, we can add flavours such as pink champagne, hazelnut, peach sorbet, raspberry truffle and more, or you can add SPF, lip plumpers and anti-oxidants. We then heat and spin your mixture in our specialized centrifugal mixer, pour it into a specialized mould and within 5 minutes voila! Its set and can be cased. Lastly, you get to choose a name for your creation, giving it the ultimate personal effect!


Being Sisters, is it hard working with family?

Luckily, we get along really well, but don’t find we are usually working together at the same time. Kimberley owns her own salon in Camden and works there 4-5 days a week, and I usually work instore 2-3 days per week. We try to organize a day once a week where we brainstorm ideas, new products and catch up on what’s happening within the business.

The Lip Lab’s flagship is located in Paddington and you have 14 stores all over Australia. What’s next for The Lip Lab?

We are currently working with some new locations in Philippines, Kuwait, Dubai and within Europe, which is really exciting. We are also developing 4 new products to release in 2018 and adding custom blended loose powders and pressed powders to our range. In 2019 we are aiming to release eyeshadows, blush and more.

I’ve heard through the beauty grapevine that you now cater for group bookings and parties?

We certainly do! Our largest group booking thus far has been for 70 people onsite and 250 off-site. We have hosted some large corporations, hen’s parties and birthdays are our specialities. It’s a fun day instore and many people move on afterwards for a night out in the city. Our youngest group booking was for 9  X Six Year Old’s who made lip glosses and drank pink lemonade with velvet cupcakes.

What’s the ‘IT’ colour or tone lipstick girls are buying or BYO at the moment?

In lipstick, peach nudes are the most popular and everyone is loving our liquid matte base. For foundations, Summer is a sheer moisture tint and winter, everyone loves full coverage with the added moisture element.

Tea or Coffee? How do you have it?

Courtney – Coffee with milk no sugar
Kimberley – Green tea.

If you were having some me time, what would you be doing and where would you be?

Courtney: I’d be at Gillian Adams day spa having a day of pampering, massages, pedicures, lunch, facials, blow dry, the works! As a single mum I cherish every precious minute I get to myself.

Kimberley: I’ll second Gillian Adams Day Spa, we often go together, its seriously the best day! Occasionally, it’s nice to just head to the beach, lay on the sand and really force yourself to relax.

Signature Scent?

Courtney: Chance by Chanel
Kimberley: I’m really loving Emozione by Salvatore Ferragamo


What a perfect Christmas present.. Make a Personal lipstick colour for your mum, sister or girlfriend. You can name it after them or call it something personal between you both.

The Lip Lab flagship store is located in Paddington, with 14 stores across Australia. Custom lipstick starts at $65, lip gloss from $30 and custom foundation from $75. Visit www.theliplab.com.au to find your nearest The Lip Lab.

Check out INSTAGRAM  and stalk the endless possibilities.

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