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Danielle Weber

May 11, 2017


Meet Danielle Weber

You might have seen Danielle’s Artworks on Instagram and been blown away by her portraits of well-known celebrities. I came across this talented woman at an event I was working at. She was painting a live portrait at the event. She had this super cool energy, I just had to go up to her and say Hi. I was in awe watching her paint. So effortless and with so much passion and love. I then stalked her on Instagram, as we do. And honestly can’t get enough of her work. If I ever had the chance and opportunity to get a portrait done, Danielle would be my gal to call.

So let me introduce you to the lovely Danielle…

Let’s start with a few fun facts about who you really are Danielle…

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Dedicated, loving, determined

When you are having ‘Me’ time, where do you go and what do you love to do?

I go to my grandparent’s house and spend time with them. I also love going for walks, or in summer going to the beach and lying in the sun for hours.

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your closet that you just can’t live without?

Big baggy grandpa woollen jumper.

Coffee or Tea? How do you have it?

Oooh, that’s hard! Coffee, strong soy latte, one sugar.

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

A policewoman!

Favourite place you have travelled to for either work or vacation?


You are one busy lady from what I see on social media. Work has been skyrocketing for you, which is awesome.
You are one super talented lady! How did this all begin for you as a business?

Thank you!! I guess growing up with no/little technology meant that I was drawing, painting and getting involved in anything art related from a very young age. When I finished school, my Mum (I say forced she says encouraged) me to pursue art. I was adamant I wouldn’t make a living out of being an artist. I painted a painting for a friend, uploaded it on facebook and then it was a bit of a ripple effect after that!

You have painted may a high profile celebrity and worked with some national and international brands. Has there been one favourite you have created?

One of my favourite pieces is the portrait of Conor Mcgregor. I’m not sure why it is technically one of my best but there’s something about it that I just connect with.

Who has been your biggest mentor or role model in your career?

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by really supportive friends and family so definitely them. An artist named Petrus Spronk gave me great advice which I have lived by. Also, someone who has a big role in the online art world that likes to remain anonymous. He’s been a great mentor.

What has been your career highlight soon far?

 There has been many, I guess celebrity recognition are great highlights. The biggest one is when I met the Rock in 2015 to deliver a painting of him and his Mom.

THE ROCKScreen Shot 2017-05-11 at 3.48.11 pm

I have also been recognised and praised by Icecube, Chris Brown, Conor Mcgregor and many more.

If you could pick any brand or client, Who would be your dream to work with?

I would love to work with Conor Mcgregor, or a brand like Nike, or more opportunities with Converse.

What inspires you?

In a way, being told being an artist was something I couldn’t accomplish also motivated me to succeed even more and inspires me all the time. The joy and appreciation that my art brings out in clients, family and friends inspires me every single day.

Travel is a big inspiration, culture, music and people. They all inspire me in different ways but have assisted me in creating more depth in my pieces.

Chris Brown Progress


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To check out all of Danielle’s Artwork,

Head over to her Website or Instagram

KB xx

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