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Dr Nikki Goldstein – #singlebutdating



Real, Poised and self-assured; She’s Australia’s modern day expert on all things Sex, Dating, Relationships and EVERYTHING in between.  I’m not going lie but I was super excited when Dr Nikki Goldstein was keen to be apart of my 5 mintues with. If I wasn’t in the fashion industry, I’d actually love to be a sex therapist! Crazy right!!

Dr Nikki Goldstein has a unique ability to normalise the subjects of sex and relationships and her fresh, balanced and candid views make her instantly relatable and approachable.  She appears regularly on the Seven Network, writes monthly for Maxim and Rescu and is a regular contributor to Cleo, Dolly, Cosmo, Daily Mail, Askmen.com, She Says & Latte Life. She can also be heard across Australia’s airwaves, including 2UE, 4BC, i98, Mix (now KIIS) FM, the Edge 96 and across Austereo’s national network.  She clearly is the IT girl and now is a proud author of #singlebutdating.
Let’s be honest you are the real life Carrie Bradshaw but with qualifications! What has been the highlight you are most proud of in your career?
I would have to say the book. Being able to stand up in front of people holding a book that I have written and am proud of is an amazing experience. I had always wanted to write a book but was just over the moon to be able to do one that means so much to me.  It’s nice also to have my work in a tangible form too. 
Recently you released #singlebutdating 10 steps to a more dateable you. What can we expect in the book?
It’s a book to help empower woman so they can make the right choices for themselves instead of giving in to social normal, pressure and the quest for validation from men. I have explored the new modern dating world and given tools on how to survive in it.
A lot of people might find Sex talk a taboo topic. Have you found a shift in women being more open to talk about it in groups since books/films/tv shows like 50shades of grey or is it still somewhat of a taboo topic in some circles?
It will always be a taboo subject but we are getting better at talking about it when it is normalised in the media. That is the real power of the hype around 50 shades. If people on news shows are discussing it, then surely it’s ok for us to talk about it over coffee and lunch. Now we just need to keep that going and hope that one day main stream media will be able to discuss topics around sexuality in general without having to have a 50 shades like topic to talk about.
What’s your one tip for those currently in a relationship?
Keep working on yourself even though you are in a relationship. It’s one way to fight the curse of the rut. You should always aim to be the best person you can be and develop yourself as a individuals so you can grow as a couple. When you bring that positive and inspiring energy into a relationship, it can often help your partner to do so in return.
Do you ever get tired of talking about sex?
Yes! It’s just like any other job, you get over talking about it. It’s an interesting one but still important to manage a work life balance.

Favourite place you have ever traveled to?
I recently went to Mexico with a friend and fell in love with Tulum  Such a spiritual and beautiful place.  A great spot to unwind, get back to the basics and rediscover.

Favourite comfort food?
Chocolate. I have a sweet tooth and it’s the first thing I go to when I’m happy, sad or just in the mood for chocolate.
If you had 2hrs of me time, where would we likely to find you and what would you be doing?
Anywhere outdoors near water. I’m a Gold Coast girl and will always love the beach. I feel calm when I’m near water. 
Describe your fashion style in 3 words
Comfortable, sexy and suitable. I don’t like wearing things that I have to constantly be tugging or readjusting, I like to flaunt a little bit of my fun side but I am also a big fan of wearing things that are suitable to my body type. 
Do you have a favourite piece of clothing or accessory in your closet? if so what is it and why do you love it so much?
I would have to say my handbags, but choosing one is like trying to pick a favourite child. I believe they are the perfect asset to any outfit. Can change it from casual to dressy in a quick instant. 
Favourite quote?
When was the last time you did something for the first time? My father always says it to me and it motivates me to try new things.
Who has been your biggest role model/ mentor in your life?
I’m so fortunate to have amazing parents who role model what it means to be in a loving relationships but I also am privilege to have people like Dr Ava Cadell and Travey Cox guiding me professionally.
If you could give your 18yr old self advise about the future, what would you say?
Don’t freak out, stay true to yourself and strong and it will all happen the way you want. You can make your own dreams come true!
For those interested in purchasing Dr Nikki Goldstein’s book, Please head over to her website. Why not subscribe and get all her newsletters and updates. One very interesting and amazing woman! KB x
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