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Ed O’Donoghue, The FroPro KING



FroPro is the passion project of ex-professional Rugby Union player Ed O’Donoghue.

What’s FroPro?

FroPro is a deliciously smooth, high-protein ice cream that is 95% sugar-free, low GI, all natural, gluten free and low fat. FroPro is made using fresh Australian milk, gently sweetened with natural sweeteners including organic stevia which results in an indulgent, creamy ice cream that boasts a fraction of the sugar and calories of traditional ice cream – starting from 78 calories per serve. FroPro is available in Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Salted Caramel.

FroPro has given ice cream a makeover – a creamy, flavour packed, ultra-low-sugar makeover, that makes indulging in your favourite treat a guilt-free and totally satisfying experience! FroPro is an innovative, Australian owned and made ice cream that has revolutionised the category so much so that Australia’s largest supermarket chain Woolworths has taken FroPro in store nationally and has seen rapid growth in sales due to such high demand, this is the nation’s first and only ice cream with a 5-Star Health rating.

Ed is a self-confessed foodie who as a health-conscious athlete, loves to make healthy alternatives to his favourite treats. Looking for ways to satisfy his sweet tooth, Ed remembers when he first started experimenting in his home kitchen to make a delicious yet healthy ice cream. He initially tried freezing a protein shake-type mix, which unsurprisingly wasn’t a success! Continuing his quest, Ed invested in a top quality homemade ice cream machine and after just several attempts he was able to create his own recipe that hit the spot.

Ed knew he was onto a winner and slowly started to develop FroPro on the side for several years as he continued to play professional rugby. Three years ago, Ed saw a real opportunity to grow FroPro as more consumers were looking for tasty, nutritious alternatives to their favourite treats. Since then, FroPro has become Australia’s number one selling healthy ice cream and the go-to guilt-free yet indulgent snack of choice for health-conscious families, athletes and anyone who loves ice cream!


Let me introduce you to the man himself, Ed O’Donoghue. I recently sat down with him and a bowl of Salted Caramel FroPro to have a yarn about life.

What was your inspiration behind starting FroPro?

 Ever since I was a chubby little kid stirring Milo into vanilla home brand, I’ve loved ice cream. So when I was a professional rugby player I wanted to eat it every night but it didn’t really fit into the diet plan of an athlete so I started making healthier versions and voila FroPro was born!

What makes FroPro different from any other ‘Healthy’ ice cream option?

 FroPro doesn’t contain any sugar or sugar ingredients, we only use fresh Aussie milk and dairy, unlike imported competitors. We use the least ingredients possible so you can recognise everything on the label. We really focus on creating the best product possible.

Who has been your biggest role model/mentor?

I don’t have a uni degree or any post-high school formal education, so basically after I picked up a Tim Ferriss book at the airport when travelling with rugby, I decided to give business a crack. 

Coffee or Tea? How do you have it?

Long black, no sugar (bit intense but gets you ready for work in a flash!)

Shark Tank 2

Recently you were on Shark Tank and pitched your concept and secured an investment. Congratulations. What do you believe are 3 keys elements to a successful business?

Thanks so much 🙂

Product – I believe you always have to make your product the star! You can’t out-market a bad product but selling a great product is a joy.

Passion – It’s easy to market and sell a product you love and believe in.

Price – Don’t get greedy, be fair and reasonable and people will respond the same. 

For those that aren’t familiar with FroPro, what can they expect from tasting it?

Expect a tasty, indulgent ice cream, that is completely guilt free! The best part is you’re not left with a sickly feeling after like traditional fatty, sugary versions.

Favourite flavour?

I’m a sucker for Salted Caramel

What’s next for FroPro?

 New flavours and products, think caramel ribbons, choc chunks and clusters… yum

FroPro is currently stocked in over 650 Woolworths stores nationwide at only $10 RRP. Discover your nearest stockist at www.fropro.com.au


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