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Nathalie Darcas as been a face in the modelling industry in Australia for years. I was lucky enough to work with Nat here in Melbourne for different brands. She’s one hard working model and it’s no surprise she has hit USA by storm.
3years ago I had the pleasure of catching up with her in LA, she played tour guide for a day and showed me around Melrose. Nat has since travelled the world shooting for amazing brands and amazing teams. Her Instagram is a journey of her life and one I love to stalk! I love seeing my girl take over the world and that she’s the same girl I met 7years. If anything she’s grown into an amazing woman who knows what she wants and goes for it.

So who is Nathalie Darcas…

Have a read of my interview below and welcome to the world of Nathalie Darcas.


How did you start in the industry?

I was approached when I was still in high school, on the tram in Melbourne.

Let’s be honest, your one hot Aussie Babe! What is your background?

Funnily enough – as much I feel Australian, Australia was just somewhere our family ended up when I was younger. Dad is French, mum is American and mums dad was Egyptian! Quite the mixed background 🙂

We often see you in a bikini as a beach babe, how do you prepare for this? Are you naturally fit and healthy or have you had to become more healthier?

I’ve always been super interested in health and nutrition. It’s definitely become a lifestyle for me. If I have a big swim or active job coming up maybe I will up the workouts a little more. That being said, I definitely work hard at staying fit and eat very clean all year round so I never feel like I have to shape up “last minute”. I don’t think anyone should ever put that sort of pressure on themselves as I feel it is slightly unrealistic and healthy. You need to be aware of keeping balance.

You travel a lot! Yes, I stalk your Instagram! Modelling has taken you all over the world. Where have your highlights been?

Oh my goodness, I have been very lucky over the years. To me though – it all comes down to the team you are traveling with to these locations. You spent so much time and work so hard together you can really end up creating lifetime friendships! If I had to choose a favorite place I’ve been though for work… probably Tulum!

With being on the move so much, do you find it hard with relationships and friendships?

Traveling so much can definitely take its toll on relationships. Especially when they become long distance. You definitely feel like you are missing out on important family and friend moments and events at times which can be seriously tough. I am pretty lucky to have the friends that I have though, they understand what I do and how much of a rollercoaster it can be mentally.

What do you love most about modelling and the lifestyle?

What I love most about modelling is being able to express yourself creatively – with the right team, it can be so much fun. You are constantly around new and completely different people from all over the world. You learn a lot about yourself as a result too!!

Do you still call Melbourne home or is that now LA?

Although LA is wonderful at the moment and definitely where I need to be, Melbourne will always feel like home. It’s a very special place with some seriously amazing people!

Out of all the jobs you have done over the years, what has been the highlight?

Have been lucky enough to be the face of a bunch of campaigns for bras and things over the years which is always so exciting. I have also loved shooting for brands like free people, billabong, and women’s health. Brands that I can identify with are always the best.


Women's Fitness page layout



Favourite Brand?

I don’t really have a favorite brand per se, there seems to be an endless amount of brands out there that seem to be emerging and inspiring me at the moment.

Social Media is a part of life these days. How do you deal with any Negativity that comes your way?

With the whole social media thing, I think you just have to take it for what it is. Use it in a positive way and in a way that helps you connect with like minded people and brands. It can be a really great thing and has definitely helped me meet and connect with some amazing people over the years.

Favourite Book?

Favorite book – that’s a tough one. I am a bit of a book worm. I recently read a book that a good friend recommended to me called essentialism by Greg Mckeown. It really resonated and helped change my perspective on the way in which I choose to spent my energy and time.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Goofy, ambitious, honest

Whats’ your  ‘IT’ dish in the kitchen?

Roasted veggies!! Especially roasted pumpkin and chickpeas. I’m obsessed!

Tea or coffee? How do you have it?

I LOVE coffee. I have all of my favorite little coffee spots mapped out around LA. I try to keep it at two a day (almond milk flat white, or if the place is extra fancy, macadamia milk is a must). Then drink green tea in the afternoon. I notice too much of a spike in energy if I have coffee in the afternoon on set!

Thanks for chatting Nat.
I can’t wait to catch up in LA in Jan. xx


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*images from Nat’s instagram and google images.

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