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Nicola Finetti, if you know Australian designers, you know this name well. With stunning Silhouettes that have graced runways for years, 22years to be exact.
But who is Nicola Finetti exactly?

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Born in Italy, Nicola studied architecture in Rome, then relocated to Australia, and calling home in Sydney. Nicola Finetti is one of Australia’s most talented and leading fashion designers. Launching his eponymous womenswear label in 1995. The collection and optical eyewear range is stocked nationally in David Jones department stores and boutiques all around the world.

Nicola is constantly in the limelight; he continues to receive great reviews and editorial coverage in magazines such as Vogue Australia, ELLE, Marie Claire, Oyster, Harper’s Bazaar as well as British Instyle, Vogue and ELLE to name a few.

Having dressed celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Hawkins, Laura Dundovic, Mischa Barton and more, Nicola Finetti has established a devoted celebrity clientele.

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Nicola Finetti will be hitting the Runway of Fashion+Aid Sydney next month. A first for Sydney, and it’s sure to be an incredible runway. I recently got to sit down with the man himself which for a stylist is always a sweet treat to chat to one of Australia’s leading designers.

Nicola, thank you so much for taking some time out of your busy day to sit with me. It’s a great owner to be chatting with you. Nicola Finetti is about to hit the Fashion+Aid Runway in Sydney in October. It’s the first ever Fashion+Aid in Sydney, what can we expect from the Nicola Finetti runway?

You will see very feminine, elegant silhouettes with a touch of edginess. It’s very much an 80’s and 90’s mixed together.

What was your inspiration behind your latest collection?

2 years ago I went to Canberra to the Tulip festival and saw all the fields of tulips in blocks of colour. It was so beautiful and amazing, that it became the inspiration.

What is your favourite piece from this collection?

I have two favourites, the BAMBINA dress and the MONA dress in pale blue.

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Who has been your biggest role model / mentor?

My Mother.

Do you have any advice for aspiring designers wanted to start their own label?

Today persistence and assertiveness are essential conditions to start a label.

When you are having some “me” time… where would we most likely find you and what would you be doing?

I like to read and I am very interested in politics and the environment impact like human, animal and plant conditions.

Favourite place to travel to get inspired?

South America, all-time favourite place – full of colours, live and natural inspirations.

Coffee or Tea? How do you have it?

Green tea after any meal is just how I like it!

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Fashion+Aid Sydney is on 14th Oct. Don’t miss out on the first-ever event in Sydney.

KB xx

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