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Sally, Founder of MOJOCO

MOJOCO, an online sanctuary for adults.
An online store that is luxury, fresh, inviting and classy.
Not the typical online Adult stores, which is why it’s growing to be one of Australia’s most visited online Adult stores.
A place that’s a safe space, helpful hints for the first timer, curated products from around the world and something for everyone. The products are what makes this site. High end, quality, organic, safe and luxe.

To get a little insight, here is what they are about…

Mojoco’s missionary position

We’ve had enough of the mystery and cliches surrounding female pleasure, so let’s get straight to the point. We all want to love sex. We all want to have brain exploding orgasms. And we all have completely unique bodies and minds. But we don’t see that as a challenge…it’s an adventure. So we’re getting real and ditching the one size fits all approach to sexuality. We’re here to help you explore every inch of yourself, to feel confident, sexy and excited in your own skin and to have a lot of fun while you’re at it.

Mojoco’s values & promises

We are here to cut through the uncomfortable and unrelatable experiences most sex shops deliver. To build out the most highly curated pleasure shop on the market, we’ve always stuck to our values. We built these virtues upon the belief that sex is simply a normal thing, so a sex shop should be real and approachable. We did all of this with the hopes of encouraging you to explore yourself so that you can have more (and better) sensual experiences.

She Comes First

 Women have been the afterthought in sex for far too long, we’re believers in the old but seemingly forgotten saying ‘ladies first’. So everything on our site, from content to advice is focused on empowering women to discover their own personal pleasure

With that kind of message as their priority, you can understand why the website is one of Australia’s most visited online Adult stores.
So who came up with this empowering, fresh take on an Adult store?

Meet Sal


Since I was a little girl, I’ve always challenged the ‘why’. I am a believer of sensuality and connectedness, in all aspects of life. I am a genuine lover of love, whether it be falling or making. I celebrate the simple intimacy of skin against skin and I believe all women should experience the empowering feeling of exploring their own pleasure.

MOJOCO  launched in Melbourne last month, unfortunately, I couldn’t attend but I was lucky enough to sit down with Sal. Coffee meetings that last a few hours are always a good sign! Sal is an empowered goddess, with an amazing heart and when you listen to her talk you can’t help but want to hear more!

So let’s talk all things pleasure…

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So let’s start from the beginning, Sal. How did Mojoco come about?

I came from a conservative upbringing and an accountant role, to begin with. My parents were a bit shocked when I told them I wanted to do this.  It all came about from 2 reasons.
1. We were trying to come up with a business idea that I could do from home as we are now located in the  Gold Coast hinterlands.
2. We also just came out of having 2 small children and in that time of your life your libido really drops and that’s natural for that to happen. I had been talking to a few of my friends in the same situation and reading a lot about it. Realising that if you don’t get it back you slide into the kids being the main thing in your relationship rather an your partner who is your lover. You simply forget to connect yourselves which leads to the end and I was not going to end up in that situation.
We discussed it a lot, sex was all about us in the beginning and I was still madly in love with him, we made the decision to place value on sex again. With time and us trying new things and reading about it, we were back. The key was communication, being open to trying new things and having fun with it.
When we were discussing a little while later business opportunities that seemed to be the best opportunity as it was pretty horrid trying to find things and looking at horrible trashy sites.

On that note, MOJOCO website is very nice, it’s very clean and fresh and not what I expected.

Yes and that’s the point, there was nowhere tasteful and I thought for people who are conservative and looking for something to help their relationship, going on to one of those websites and getting a massive overload of to much stuff. It’s overwhelming and it’s just easier to leave the site!
What we are trying to do is create a comfortable environment that’s directed at women.
That’s actually another thing I find interesting in the sex industry that everything is targetted for a male, not a female. Even if it’s a female product.
Mojoco is about looking at it from and for a female in every way. Yet it’s still an open space for men to come on to find something special for the woman in there life. It’s for ordinary everyday women or couples to come on and feel free, comfortable and for sex to be what it should be, a natural gift.
Trying to make it not so taboo.

You’re all about natural, wellness and health, how have you carried this into MOJOCO?

Our products are all high quality for health reasons. We carry 3 lubes that are organic, our products are silicone and waterproof for health safety.
I’ve been speaking to health professions about sex and chakras and mental health. And no matter whether it’s Eastern or Western medicine, healthy sex and pleasure is good for the body in so many ways.  Opening women’s sexual desires has great health and wellness benefits.

How long has MOJOCO been live and helping women and couples?

We pushed the live bottom in July 2017, January 2018 we signed up with a marketing company and redid everything so we could push MOJOCO to where we want to be.
Advertising restrictions have been really tricky. So we have had to come up with creative ways to get MOJOCO out to the masses as the usual social media advertising we can’t use.

Sex is known to be a bit of a Taboo topic, have you found since you started MOJOCO and you’ve been out and about talking about sex, there has been a shift or is the shift still happening?

When we started we almost feel like it was perfect timing, it was the feeling of the women’s movement shift and women were taking control again. And it’s an honour and also fun to be involved in that shift of empowerment. But then with everything in Hollywood and the sexualisation of women, it’s a very fine line between what’s appropriate and what’s not.  But I hope we are heading to sex being a more normal topic.

Mojoco has a beautiful selection of toys, treats and books. Most websites have hundreds and hundreds of products. How have you selected what products are on MOJOCO?

That’s actually a really good point, what we are trying to be is the curated collection, we have done the research for you these are the wow products you need. We tried to find the more luxury end of products and we have a criteria when selecting a product for our site.
Body Safe, Silicone, Rechargeable, Waterproof, and most important Quiet.

I’ve noticed the cover-ups are actually your own MOJOCO brand. Is this something you want to do more of in the future?

Yes, this came from another difference between men and women and sex. Women tend to need an environment, men don’t. My question to myself was what is an environment for a woman?
Candlelight was one for me, so we introduced our own range of soy candles.
Massage oil, so we hunted and found a beautiful organic oil.
I had this silk I picked up years ago in Bali and I often wore it before sex, I’d come out of the shower and have it wrapped around me, it’s sensual and would make you feel really great. And that’s where the cover-ups became an item on our site. Handmade and painted by a beautiful artist in Bali.
We have bathrobes and throws which are made in Australia and 100%cotton.
I wanted to do lingerie but it’s very challenging, I sourced a really good brand that has good quality and price point and curated a small collection for women to feel sexy.

What is the most FAQ you get?

What’s my favourite? which is a Tenga smart vibe ring which is a vibrating cock ring.

I hear you are now doing sex toy parties locally. Tell me what it’s like?

Yes, I’ve started doing them locally and it’s been really interesting. People either begin giggling awkwardly or judgemental but by the end of me talking about everything they are hooked, open and engaged.
People actually really love to talk about sex once they are in there comfort zone.

What’s next for MOJOCO?

Pushing the brand, even more, getting more sales, growing the business.
I’d love for this to become a movement, the brand brings something special into women’s lives. Building on my own skills as a speaker that allows me to talk to larger groups of women and do health retreats. Giving women a positive message about sex and self that’s not coming from an expert in the field but from a mother of 2 who has experienced the same things they have. Being like the middleman between a sex therapist and the couple.

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Browse Mojoco‘s beautiful range of candles, oils, wraps and blindfolds etc.

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 And how can I forget about the lingerie … great quality and great price point.
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Head over to the site and browse!


KB xx
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