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Luxury fashion designer Silviya Saikali began her professional fashion experience at Maison Moschino in Milan, being a Creative Graphic Designer for the Italian brand. With an impressive background in Fine Arts underneath her belt, the designer has collaborated with boutique (A Smith, Japan), cosmetic (Kiko Italy), jewellery (Impero Perle Milan) and furniture companies (Baxter Como, Altre Forme) offering artistic and creative consulting.

With an intellectual eye for fashion that incorporates Silviya’s love of antique and surreal worlds, she took her passion for art on a new journey and in 2011, SILVIYA NERI was born. Travelling and living between Italy and Australia perfectly mirrors Silviya’s effortless style, impeccable colour combinations and rich imagination.

Working alongside the best textile printing houses in Como, Italy, defines SILVIYA NERI scarves to be stylish, unforgettable high quality silk investment that will last a lifetime.

Today, SILVIYA NERI can be found in 40 luxury boutiques, concept and department stores worldwide, and has been featured in several international publications such as Vogue Italia, Io Donna, Interni, Purple Magazine, Decades New York, WeAr Mag, Interview Germany, Vogue Holland.

SILVIYA NERI is about to hit the runway of Sydney’s first ever Fashion+aid on October 14th 2017. I sat down with the amazingly talented Silviya, to find out more about who this creative genius is.


Travelling and living between Italy and Australia sounds like a dream. How are these environments reflected in your silk scarves?

My silk scarves are born and made in Italy and my life there reflected directly into their creation. The scarf In Vino Veritas, for example, came to life after I participated in picking grapes and making wine in Tuscany. The scarves Saint sea and Fish Foulard were made while I was learning how to fish in the lakes of Northern Italy. Sailors on other hand, is dedicated to my friends in Milan and my favourite club Plastic.


Do you prefer Italian or Australian beaches?

Nothing beats the beaches of the Great Barrier Reef.

Your career back ground is pretty inspiring and amazing. I’m just going to name drop Maison Moschino in Milan!! WOW!
Can you share with us your career journey so far?

Moschino was my dream job since I was a teen, I went to Italy to pursue it and I achieved it. I had the best experience there… my team, the freedom I had to draw, the whole signature building of the maison, the access to the underground archives…. I would never forget it. Prior to Moschino, my extensive fabric knowledge came through working in Como within the textile printing factories. Fabrics are vital for the future of fashion.

Your luxury scarves have been featured in a host of international publications including Vogue Italia. Did you ever dream that this was a possibility?

There was always a possibility. I was lucky to achieve it without paying for it.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your eye-catching creative designs?

I draw on a very rich repertoire. I translate personal dreams and narrate stories of my life using decorative motives, ideas and compositions from the Victorian era, the Cabinet of Curiosities, Surrealism, Anatomy, Tattoos, calligraphy, fetishism etc.

Since launching your brand in 2011, how has your fashion taste developed?

Up until a certain point I believed my taste was developing, then I realised I can’t escape from my 80s heart.

What do you never leave your house without?

A Silviya Neri scarf.

What do you do to relax?

I draw.

What’s your favourite piece you are showing at Fashion+Aid?

A silk tunic made of scarves, just because it is the link between my art, textile and fashion, between my past and my future.

Tea or Coffee? How do you have it?

Espresso in the morning, green tea for the rest of the day.


I don’t know about you but I am in love with these bad boys.
For stalking head over to INSTA.

Can’t wait to see what SILVIYA NERI has to come in the future.

KB xx

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