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From Australia’s Next Top Model to successful Model to now Mum and now Co-founder of  Vault Active, Sophie Van Den Akker is a wonder woman!
The soon to be Mum of 2 is showing us that you can definitely have your cake and eat it too!
I’ve been lucky enough to know and work with Sophie since I moved here in 2010. Sophie is someone who puts 110% into everything she does, so it’s no surprise her new venture Vault Active is already the talk of town.
With Sophie’s background in modelling since a young age, you can understand why she is the Host of RUN: Kids Fashion Runway this Sunday 18th March.


You must be thrilled about hosting the RUN: Kids Fashion Runway, what can we expect from the show?

The show is filled with the most incredible, beautiful and talented kids. This isn’t going to be your traditional runway experience; there will be acrobatics, dancing, amazing showcasing of clothing – these are more than pretty faces; they are exceptional models that bring the attitude and RUN the Runway.

What are you excited to see at RUN: Kids Fashion Runway?

I am excited to meet the amazing ambassadors of VAMFF and all the incredible models back stage. There are some amazing brands involved and these lucky girls and boys have been chosen to show case them. I am also really looking forward to the unveiling of the new face of Kooki U which is the tween makeup partner for VAMFF RUN.

Congratulations on the launch of  Vault active! It looks like a fantastic lifestyle brand. For those that don’t know about it, tell us all about Vault.

Vault Active have created a life style brand that looks as good as it feels, it’s all about empowering women and making them feel comfortable in their own Skin, we wanted to create active wear to feel like a second layer of skin and be easy to wear. Whether you’re an experienced trainer or just beginning your fitness journey VA have you covered especially all our mums out there we are excited to announce a Maternity Range is on the way, we have created products that embodies confidence and strength.

Mum of soon to be 2, Model and now Co-Founder of  Vault Activewear… how do you find the time and juggle everything?

Time management and routine plays a big part in my daily tasks, I feel really strongly about Living a fit and active life style so when the opportunity came to venture into the business side it felt like a natural progression. when you feel passionately about something in life it doesn’t feel like work.


The Modelling industry has positive and negatives, over the years and when you first started out, how did you deal with negativity?

I’ve grown up with really strong women behind me that have always taught me to be Confident in my own skin and to never compare myself to others, Because of this the negativity became water off a ducks back.

When you’re having some me time, what do you love to do?

Finding the balance between work and life to unwind from the day’s challenges is really important to me, my escape has always been running. This for me is my down time and allows me to feel free and relaxed.

When in the kitchen, what is your favourite meal to create?

PASTA!!  Broccoli & Chicken with a white cream sauce YUM YUM.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Active, Mother, Energetic.

Favourite thing about being a Mum?

The Unconditional love and the Joy and Laughter.

Tea or coffee? How do you have it?

While pregnant I don’t drink either my go to is Hot Chocolate. However not pregnant COFFEE LATTE all the way!!!


For last minute tickets head to RUN: Kids Fashion Runway

If you haven’t already stalked VAULT ACTIVE
Get shopping here but also the insta is really inspiring

And if you don’t already… Head to Sophie’s insta

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  • Dennis Porter

    So proud of you Soph. My beautiful daughter Erin is a successful Yoga / Mediation teacher on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Next week for example she is hosting a mindful yoga class of 30 participants who aspire to become leaders in the field. She is spreading her gift.
    I will tell her what you do and there may be an opportunity for your active lifestyle merchandise.

    Cheers and best wishes Dennis

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