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Do you ever just fall in-love with a brand because they aren’t your average brand. I do! That’s exactly what has happened with me and Jasmine Alexa. I recently randomly meet the Founder and Designer Jasmine Gescheit out at a trade show. I had planned to write a blog about the extraordinary ethics of the brand, but after meeting her I wanted to interview her.

Mental health now impacts at least one person close to you in your family.  We are all aware of the stigma surrounding mental health. I’ve always been a supporter to remove that stigma.  Jasmine Alexa is helping lift this stigma with the help of Headspace.
Meet Jasmine Gescheit, the boss lady, and brains behind Jasmine Alexa. 

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What made you come up with Jasmine Alexa?

Frustration! I was frustrated with not being able to find clothes that suited my active lifestyle. It’s common that I will go from the gym to work to a social event all in the one day, and I needed clothes that would carry me through all of them. I realised I wasn’t the only one who felt this way and so started the Jasmine Alexa journey.

“This Is Me” campaign, what made you connect this collection with Mental Health?

It’s not for the collection, but rather the brand as a whole. After battling with my own mental issues for most of my teenage years, I promised myself that I would one day try to help those in a similar, helpless situation. As I now have a voice in the industry and a platform to work from, I thought this was the opportune time to do so. Jasmine Alexa is an identity rather than just a brand and that extends through beyond the clothes.

A limited release from the collection will be sold on the website that goes to Headspace. Can you describe some of the pieces to look out for?

We have limited edition ‘This Is Me’ t-shirts online now with all proceeds going to Headspace Australia. I chose t-shirts because they are a staple, and something almost everyone wears. T-shirts are universal and don’t have the limitations like other items of clothing, where fit and size can narrow the potential customers. They have also commonly be used in history to make statements, which is what I aim to do with them.  ‘This Is Me’ is a simple yet powerful term. It represents being vulnerable enough to be you and to be happy with that. There is no hiding, it is raw and honest. It almost saying This Is Me, as I am and I am proud to be that person!

The label’s second collection is an ode to the sportswear of the 70’s. What can we expect?

You can expect pleated tennis skirts, flared pants, kimono sleeve jackets and and of course our signature monochrome textures.


When designing, what inspires you? What gets the creative juices flowing?

Whilst it might sound cliché, I am often inspired by what is around me. Music, street style, art, architecture, a photo etc. I never go to one source for inspiration, but rather allow the world to inspire me. As most creatives know though, getting into the creative ‘flow’ is not as easy as sitting down and just designing. The ‘flow’ usually comes at inopportune times. For me, it’s usually those moments of quietness like when I’m on a long drive, or in the shower or most annoyingly in bed at night when I should be asleep.

Favourite place to travel?


Tea or Coffee? And how do you have it?

Coffee! Long black with a dash of hot skinny milk.

If you had a free day, some ‘ME’ time, where would we find you and what would you be doing?

I’m an outdoors person, so you will most likely find me out for a walk or heading to the beach in Summer.

Do you have a motto/mantra or quote you live by?

Everything happens for a reason.

Who has been your biggest mentor in life?

My twin sister, Dani. She has always been my voice of reason and go to person for any advice. Since we were little, I have always admired her drive and passion. Seeing her go out and smash her dreams, has inspired me to do the same.

Jasmine is one inspiring woman! I love finding brands and women making a difference in the world. Sometimes the smallest of things can be a revolution.  ‘This Is Me’ is about building a community of strong, fearless and brave women! Head over to JASMINE ALEXA and read interviews of women from all walks of life, with different stories to tell- some of overcoming body image issues, some of facing drug addiction head on and some of accepting what cannot be changed.

To purchase a ‘This Is Me’ tee, click HERE!

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