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Chemical free skincare

ENJO believe in putting healthy living first, and look to challenge the conventional and shine a light on sustainable living with a range of safe and effective fibre cleaning products that need absolutely no chemicals.


Austrian made, Australian owned natural skin care.

Santé by ENJO

Just add water to remove makeup, cleanse and exfoliate. Our super soft, superfine fibres will leave you with bright and beautiful skin. Sustainable skincare with zero chemicals. All products are handmade and cruelty-free. Skin specialists tested us out under dermatological conditions and confirm their skin-loving status.

Forget everything you thought you knew about makeup removal! The amount of creams and wipes I used to use on my face is actually ridiculous. Not only was it pricey but also the amount of waste in a week let alone a year is disgusting.

So when I heard about 100% minimal fuss makeup removal that required you to just add water, I was sold on trying them out.

A Pack of 7… Do pop a fresh disc every day.


Do add enough water. When you’re removing a full face of makeup, you want the makeup remover disc to be wet, as the water acts as a natural solvent helping the skin-loving fibres lift and trap makeup from your skin’s surface. The more makeup = the more water you need.

Do use in a circular motion. Gently buffing the surface of the skin in small circles is the best way to ensure all of the superfine fibres get the opportunity to massage the skin’s surface and loosen your makeup. Plus it’s a nice little daily facial.

Do wash your set weekly. Our Makeup Removers come in a set of seven, one for every day in the week. After use, pop each disc into your Santé Laundry Bag and wash the whole set at the end of the week.

Here is a snippet of my first go using Santé by ENJO 

It’s legit that simple to have a chemically free makeup removal routine.

KB xx


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