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Clean Beauty Market

Imagine shopping for luxury beauty products in a space that is as immersive and indulgent as the world’s famous cult beauty stores with the added confidence of knowing that every single item was clean, non-toxic, ethical, effective and beautiful to use?

As a self-confessed beauty junkie and freelance makeup artist, Erin Norden imagined the same thing. She wanted to switch her entire kit over to clean, non-toxic products, without compromising on performance! Unable to find anything like it in the Australian market, she decided to create her own and Clean Beauty Market opened its first shopfront and online store in September 2017.

Clean Beauty Market stocks over 50 of the most sought after, luxury, clean beauty brands from around the globe, including USA, UK, Sweden and Australia, many of which have gained a celebrity following from the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Watson, Olivia Wilde, Halle Berry and Kate Hudson. Brands include Josh Rosebrook, January Labs, Kypris, OSEA, Soapwalla, and Kjaer Weis.


In a world were we are becoming more eco and ethically conscious, Clean Beauty Market is the Holy Grail for the consumer what to shop right! Tapping into the market that’s growing understanding of the holistic wellness and beauty connection, with a range of ‘facial ceremony’ treatments (all of which include a blissful facial massage with rose quartz and jade crystals), health and wellbeing workshops, yoga classes and more. Other services include makeup application and lessons, as well as the popular Makeup Swap whereby a Clean Beauty Market makeup artist will show you exactly which products will give you the same, if not better, results as your old favourites.

Gone are the days where ‘natural’ beauty meant aimlessly browsing the lacklustre shelves at the local health food store or forgoing performance for non-toxic products! Clean Beauty Market delivers a dreamy shopping experience that delights all women, from the hardcore beauty fanatic to the novice, all with the peace of mind knowing that every single product is clean, ethical and effective.


What inspired you to create Clean Beauty Market?

Clean Beauty Market came from my own desire for a physical and online space dedicated to non-toxic beauty brands that fit all my inner beauty junkie needs! I wanted brands that were high performing, luxury, innovative and beautiful to look at. I’d lost the thrill of shopping at the bigger cosmetic stores due to concerns about ingredients & company ethics of the cosmetic brands so I decided to create a space where the customer wouldn’t have to miss out on the fun of beauty shopping or the performance and look of products to go natural/non-toxic.

I also wanted to store to encompass the growing awareness around inner wellness being linked to how we look on the outside, which is why I’ve chosen to include wellness brands and products such as tonics, beauty powders & capsules which promote beauty from the inside out.


Clean Beauty Market isn’t just the online holy grail for all things good for our skin, body and hair. You also have an in house service like workshops and products to test. Are you finding the eco shift becoming a more decided need in shoppers?

In addition to our retail and online store (of which we have over 50 brands), we find our in-store services including makeup application, facials and the various workshops that we run a wonderful way to connect with our customers, meet their needs and give them a hands-on experience with our products. We love that our online presence is growing, but also love that we can provide a physical space which is still incredibly important when it comes to beauty shopping, particularly with our sorts of products where there aren’t many stores people can visit to actually go and try natural beauty and explore the brands.

The shift to eco and clean beauty products is growing rapidly as people become more interested in clean living and buying ethically. We also see so many people with sensitized skin come through our doors that really need other options that are going to work for them after their skin has had enough of the chemicals. The performance of natural products has often been a deterrent for people making the switch to clean but this is an outdated view. We only carry brands that performance-wise, measure up. Our skincare brands for example, these are active formulations are backed by science with clinical studies to show their effectiveness.

Please share with us your top 5 makeup products from clean beauty market?

At the moment, I am loving:

Sappho NP Foundation – great coverage & hydrating for winter!

Hynt Lumiere Radiance Boosting Powder – brightens the whole face.

Kjaer Weis Lip Gloss – feels like butter on the lips!

Fitglow Eyebright Concealer – An eye treatment and concealer in one.

Nu Evolution Pressed Bronzer in Portofino – The perfect bronze for all skintones.


Out of all the products available at Clean Beauty Market, what is your favorite product and why?

I’m tempted to pick Makeup (I’m a Makeup Artist) but I know skincare is the proper foundation for good makeup! So, I would have to say the Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm is my go-to moisturizer and I use this most days despite my bathroom resembling a mini version of the store with many options to choose ha ha.

What’s next for Clean Beauty Market?

We’re focusing on growing both our online and physical store and meeting the demands of it’s growth. We would really love to open a second retail store too at some point – watch this space!

Coffee or Tea? How do you have it?

 Coffee always! Coconut milk latte with way too much honey. I have a sweet tooth!

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