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Is Your Summer Skin Ready?


Summer is around the corner, let’s talk skin Ladies.

I just turned 32 years old on Thursday, hip hip hooray for me. I realised my skin is not twenty some skin anymore. Between winter elements and laying in the sun, my skin has seen better days. It’s important to stop and start realising what is going on without skin, as skin is our biggest organ, and the brightness, lightness and the condition of it, is a tell-tale of the lives we live.

Yes, in other words, the skin we have doesn’t lie about anything. All those time we didn’t slip slop slap when we were younger at the beach or outside playing in the sun. Our elements in Australia is our skins worst nightmare. In winter, I drink less water, treat myself to a little to much sugar and red wine and get lazy with my skin routine. In summer, my face especially sees way to much sun, I drink cocktails and less water.  Fact, I’m getting older and so are the skin on my body. One thing I can definitely take control of and start improving is my skin and this summer it’s going to shine!
Let’s be honest it’s not easy feeding your skin everything it needs on a daily basis, but with the right products and a regular skincare regime can mean the difference between looking drab and looking fab this summer Ladies.

So let me unlock my best-kept secret to get your drab skin looking Summer ready.

My secret… Laser Genesis.
I could literally yell it from the rooftops.
In the past 6 mths, I’ve tried every skin treatment possible. Nothing compared to Laser Genesis.
So when I was introduced to Evolve Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, an aesthetic medical clinic in Melbourne, I found my new home!

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So how did I discover Laser Genesis
Lance my Dermal Clinician, did a consult on my first visit to see what was going on with my skin and in doing so found some degree of pigmentation from sun damage as well as some telangiectasia (redness with vessels). From there Lance recommended/introduced me to their signature Laser Genesis advanced treatment, which provides 3 levels of exfoliation due to several modalities used, this treatment covers my concern of congestion in my skin. Then followed by Laser genesis standard treatment, which addresses diffusing redness and collagen growth stimulation. It was the game changer.

I was in an out of Evolve in less than 30mins. BOOM!
I personally don’t have time to have treatments that I’m stuck in the chair for 1-2hrs. We all have a busy calendar and social life, no one wants to hang about.
And the bonus…
This is post-treatment…

Like my sexy Goggles?!
So what is LASER GENESIS exactly?
Laser Genesis is known for its many benefits, and it’s my go-to now, especially since I’m starting to see the signs of ageing. It promotes collagen production, reduces pores, reduces wrinkles, and calms redness in the skin with no downtime, which is especially important. A non-invasive laser technology that is safe and not painful. I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to pain and I was a little worried about what to expect. It doesn’t hurt at all. It feels like your just standing in front of the fireplace. And the heat doesn’t last for long. After the treatment, you might be a little pink for 10-15mins but that’s it! As you can see from my photo above, you can pop on your sunnies and walk out the door. Your face may be a little pink but it’s nothing you should be hiding from the public from.
I made a little video to show you it’s not painful or scary at all!

Laser Genesis treatment helps keep the skin hydrated and radiant through the cooler months, and when regularly alternated, the result is a smooth summer glow, a clear complexion and bright, plump skin.
For optimum results, treatments every four to six weeks.

Ladies, it’s the healthiest and most effective way to give your skin life. Get that summer skin ready. Be the girl that shines so bright at all the parties this summer. Trust me, this treatment will have women asking you what your secret is. Your skin will glow!
I highly recommend the Lance and the Team at Evolve Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, an aesthetic medical clinic in Melbourne. They make you feel so comfortable and really know how to look after their patients.

Put your best face forward Ladies.
KB xx


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