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Laura Foley, Co-founder of Bali Body

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If you don’t know about Bali Body, you must have been living under a rock for the last few years.

 Bali Body has been seen all over IG and magazines. Insta-famous babes sharing their love for their killer glow. But what is Bali Body exactly?….

With so many natural & nourishing ingredients, you’ll want to develop a long-term relationship with all their products – one that lasts for days, months and even seasons. Pioneering in design, functionality and summer vibes, Bali Body has been created so you can naturally nourish your skin and enjoy a slice of sunshine all year round.

Proudly Australian and vegan-friendly, all BB products are made in Melbourne, and strictly tested on Bali Body Babes! Those in Australia they offer a free and fast shipping, so you can get your glow on in no time!

So who created this empire…

Co-founded by Laura Foley & David Oosterloo, the duo have created an animal-friendly range of skincare products allowing you to carry the sun with you for all four seasons of the year and helping you find your glow.


Bali Body was founded in 2014 and since has skyrocketed. What made you and your partner David, come up with this fantastic product?

I have suffered from eczema and sensitive skin my entire life. We realised that there were very few sun-care and skin-care options for people with sensitive skin that were also affordable. That was the inspiration behind our first product – our Tanning and Body Oil. things just grow from there!

Bali Body has over 1 million IG followers and has been seen on celebrities around the globe. Which is amazing! Did you expect to ever reach 1million followers?

We had no expectations at the start, we just knew we were going to work really hard to try and make our brand come to life. Once we realised the traction we had, yes we did expect to hit 1 million followers at some stage – and it was very exciting to see! We love connecting with our Bali Body community daily.

What makes Bali Body tanning oil better than any other competitor on the market?

The natural, nourishing and high-quality ingredients that we use keep our product elevated above the competition. The cute packaging also sets us apart from our competitors.

 Bali Body recently launches the new Pineapple Tanning oil. What makes this oil a must-have edition?

We love this product! It has a really light natural pineapple scent, and it repairs and renews the skin via the presence of coconut oil and pineapple extract. Oh, and the pastel yellow bottle is to die for! BBO8712 Pineapple Tanning Oil_flatlay_cv

Apart from Tanning oil, Bali Body also has a range of other skin care products. What is a must-have product every girl needs in their life?

Our BB Cream! It is light-weight, adaptable and comes in four shades. Replace your foundation with this multi-tasking beauty balm and you’ll never look back.

What do you believe has been your key to success in the short 4 years of business?

We work really hard – there is so many different problems that we have had to overcome, a lot of people would lie down and say this is too much, but we have always dug our heels in and worked through every issue. I think that is the main key to our success so far – that and we have great products that people genuinely love.

 What’s next for Bali Body?

So much! We have some really exciting products coming out this year – stay tuned!

 What’s one product you can’t live without in your handbag?

Our BB Cream in Tan shade, and our Coconut Lip Balm. I wear them both every day.

 Running an empire can be hard work! When your able to have some ME time, what do you do?

watch Netflix and relax.

 Coffee or Tea? How do you have it?

Both – I have a soy latte – and I love a good cup of tea! haha

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Bali Body is available online HERE and trust me you want to start following their IG!

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