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Summer is in the Air!

Finally, in Melbourne, it’s felt like the longest winter. I felt like we were stepping into Game of Thrones territory. But as I write this in the comfort of some summer rays and my new favourite product.

Ladies, let’s be real…I’m white like a ghost! Melbourne doesn’t allow me to have the lush tanned skin I use to have in Sydney.  I’ve now got to work for that. I either spray it on..which I’m not a fan of clogging the pours or I use a booster.

Your probably thinking.. what the hell is the booster she is talking about?
It’s certified organic… Carrot oil, Henna, Almond Oil, Beeswax.
A subtle and refreshing Ylang Ylang fragrance.
And it’s Carol’s.

I’m talking about Carol’s Beauty tan enhancers.
And the beauty of it,
Only take 10 minutes with Carol each day laying in the sun to replenish your skin, having you tanned and feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


Carols white background-515A 150ml jpg

Carols white-514A tube 100ml jpg


Carol’s Beauty is proudly Australian made and is not tested on animals. Manufactured right here in Australia to the highest standards and packaged in 100% recyclable packaging, Carol’s Beauty is an indulgent treat for your skin that will make you look and feel good.

How to get the #CarolsGlow.
1. Apply the enhancer oil or lotion all over your body during the day and night
2. Layout in the sun or go for a walk, with your fave book or music. Take #carols10. Recommended 10-minute sun tan sessions per day.
3. To prolong your tan, hydrate and moisturise your skin apply every day.
4. Take a before and after and you will be shocked! #naturallycarols #carolsresults

Wanting to get your hands on some…head here for STOCKISTS or
you can jump online at CAROL’S

Trust me, you’re going to love the texture, you don’t feel oily or sticky.

KB xx

***Note: It is the be worn with sunscreen.***


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