Kate Bollard

The Perfect summer glow all year round

Winter has come! Melbourne has officially said good bye to the sun. We may have the odd day here and there but we have put away the bikini’s for another season. It’s depressing I know. I’m not one to lay on the beach for hours tho, the sun kills me as I’m so fair. But I like to glow!

So how do I look so fresh and tanned… VANI-T! Yes, ladies, I am officially a self-tanning expert. And with one hand on my heart, I swear by VANI-T!

The only way we are all going to keep our amazing glows this winter is VANI-T. I’m not here to sell a product, cash in from commissions or give you a discount code. I’m here as a friend, who struggles over winter cause I feel flat and ghost white. Mentally I struggle in winter, I all of a sudden feel like I’m putting weigh on, I feel insecure and it’s only because I have lost my glow. It’s an unhealthy winter illusion.

Those that stand next to me know just how ghost white I am, but I’m not getting carried away with the tan and looking unnatural. VANI-T you can pick your shade depending how long you want to leave it on. I do 2hrs, just to get that extra hit and it fades out beautifully.
Check out my results…

I’d also like to mention my illuminating friend from VANI-T, READY SET GLOW, a lightweight 3-in-1 illuminating setting spray delivers the ultimate flawless makeup finish, and gives an instant radiant glow when worn alone.

Infused with skin-loving ingredients and light-reflecting particles, this hydrating mist gives a burst of radiance any time of the day. TIP: Apply to hair and body for an all over glow.

Ladies, there is no need for our winter blues. Whats a couple of hours a week to feel good and glowing. My Insta friend Kelly, introduced me to VANI-T and I can’t thank her enough. It’s great on the budget, the product is easy to apply, no bad smelling tan and it’s an Australian product.

They also have a great Instagram and a full makeup range. I haven’t tried any of the makeup yet but if the products are anything like the tan and illuminator, they won’t disappoint.


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