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2016, What a C U Next Tuesday of a year!!

If you are like the amazing souls in my life…we have all had a C U Next Tuesday of a year! Look its the only way I could explain the year without saying the word people. As I know so many are super sensitive of the C-bomb.
*insert eye roll*

I’ve been looking back on this year for the last few days with 3 of my closest friends. Yes, there were some highs but bloody hell did it come crashing down with some pretty crappy lows.
Love lost, death, safety, sickness, friendships ending, work gained then lost, but I’m walking out of 2016 with my head held high. I’ve come out stronger, stood up for myself, knowledge of who I am and what I stand for and knowing the people I have and want in my life are keepers. They have my back, they love and respect me and we walk into 2017 ready to lift and empower each other to our fullest potential.
*boom, mic drop*

I know those reading this post will either eye roll … hates gonna hate, or nod their head in complete agreeance.

I said 2016 was going to be my year of everything coming together. My Year! You know how we say that at the end of the year. Like next year I’m going to take over the world. It’s all about me, me, me. Well didn’t 2016 shit all over that and humble the hell out on me! You will not hear “2017 is going to be my year” from my lips.

So what did I learn in 2016… well a hell of a lot.
High school games still exist in grown-ups, people love drama, people love to gossip no matter what the age, understanding what makes you happy is super important, only having people who are like-minded and supportive in your life, truly love what you do, find balance with work and life, create memories for life, say YES to adventures.

Thank you to my amazing Tribe who have supported me in 2016, even when I ghosted on some of you for a bit. You understood I was dealing with challenges and needed my space. To those that called me every day to make sure I was ok, thank you for the love. To the amazing tribe of women in businesses, your love and empowered support was greatly appreciated. To the strong women in my life who I have had many coffees with talking about life, goals and your black and white advice…Thank you! And even thank you to the haters, knowing that the growing number of “haters” means that I’m doing important things and doing them right.

But most of all Thank YOU…my fellow readers, likers, commenters, snap chatters, insta snappers, FB and twitters! Without your love and support, 2016 wouldn’t have grown into the blog I have today. I’ve loved growing this tiny blog and sharing with you my thoughts, feeling and day to day life. Thank you for being a part of my world on this journey together. I look forward to sharing more with you in 2017 and growing both as a person and a blog.

Let’s have a look at what was fab…let me show you via some happy snaps of the year gone by.
1-6 Highlights of what positive things took place.

1. Adventures. Exploring. Travel. 

Victoria, Queensland & New South Wales. Only Interstate travel this year but still fun times.




With my besties being allocated all over the world. Making time to laugh, share and connect no matter the distance has been so important. Real relationships last no matter what.


3. Working and Collabing with amazing people.

When work is just to much fun. Launching my 3rd collection. Being blessed with opportunities.



3. Style & Body.

Trends come and go. But style is who you are. Knowing and loving your body is the best outfit you can ever wear.

4. Fun Adventures with Friends.

New and Old. Spontaneous adventures, Random chance meetings, Belly Laughs, Whiskey and a lot of selfies.



5. Spiritual And Self Growth.

Connecting with self and growing both spiritual and emotionally. Moving, Reconnecting with self, Blessings, Workshops, Physical Strength and Opening one’s mind to new thoughts.



6. Meeting Inspiring & Successful People.

It’s always awe-inspiring when you meet someone you look up to. This year I had the pleasure of meeting 3 Souls who inspire me. Dannii Minogue, Samantha Wills & JP Sears.



Have an awesome New Year Tribe! Celebrate with a smile.
See you in 17!
KB xx

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