Kate Bollard

A lesson in Being Present!

You might read the title and think… Oh here we go… What insightful crap is she about to tell me from a self help book she’s recently read?!?!

No kids, Im about to tell you about a real life story that happen to me and actually scared the bejesus out of me. It made me STOP and look at my life alittle. So here is the wise words of KB in a factual story…

On Monday 21st March, I got up out of bed, popped on my workout gear and hit the pavement. Needed the fresh air, walking does wonders for me to clear my head. I haven’t been sleeping very well in the last few weeks. I’ve had work and personal life stresses floating around in my head and my mind was literally elsewhere.

As I’m walking, I have Beyonce pumping in my ears to wake me up and get me going… the body was exhausted, I needed every bit of motivation to get up the hills of Toorak and to push through the need to go back to bed.

A lot of you might be reading this and thinking… that’s me every morning or night while I jog or walk along the footpaths?!?!

Well I truly hope the next part is not you! As I turned the corner and went along the footpath of the next street… I was busy in my head, rushing thinking ‘OMG, I need a coffee!’ and then BANG!!!
I literally walked into a Range Rover reversing out of it’s driveway!  From Beyonce, wanting a coffee ..to me slammed up into the back corner of a 4 wheeler. I honestly can’t even remember much as it happen so fast. I remember looking down at myself as I was up against the car thinking ‘does anything hurt? Am I hurting in a certain part?, is anything broken?’ as tears began to run down my face! I went into complete shock… I was vomiting in the drivers garden and shaking violently. Lucky for me, the driver is actually a doctor and checked that physically I wasn’t hurt and rushed me to hospital himself. A trip to Emergancy, the lovely Doctor Driver sitting with me the whole time!.. 3 Hours later, I was at home on my couch dumb founded about the situation. How does that even happen I hear you ask… That’s a very good question. It’s called NOT Being Present. See what I’m talking about Kids!!

After a conversation with my dear friend Frank, He reminded me how important it is to be present. Cause in a flash life can really change. By the way… Im ok, bruised and sore and struggling a bit to move but nothing is broken thankfully! It could have been far worst and Im so very grateful it wasn’t more serious. But it sure has made me think about how we need to stop. If this was the universe telling me I need to slow down, Im definitely listening now! But it also made me realise who in my life I really do love and appreciate. Only a very small handful knew, and I’m not one to make a fuss or ask for help and the love they have given is beautiful. I feel very lucky in many ways.

Ladies and Gents,
Hug and Kiss the ones you love!
Life can change in a Flash or with a BANG!
Make sure you are aware of your surroundings.
And Be Present!!
KB xx


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