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Friend, “Family” or Troll?! The Challenging World of Social Media

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Yes Im going here! Im over the BS that is social media. Yes I love Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat but I hate the crap that comes with it. And from people who have nothing better to do in life then sit behind a samsung or iPhone or laptop and type away thinking they F*cKing know you!

  1. Just because we are Facebook friends or I follow you back on instagram doesn’t mean we are Besties and that you can have a sold opinion of my life and what I do or don’t do.
  2. Also means you know nothing about me then what I make public and it’s a perception that I create for you to view. Eg Just because I have a photo with a male doesn’t mean that’s who Im dating now or in a relationship now with. Geez, the amount of photos I have … come on, PLEASE!!
  3. What I eat and drink is up to me. Yes I like wine and cake like half of the human race. So what? What’s the point to your horrid views of my lifestyle choices?
  4. Im a stylist, if you don’t like what I wear… don’t follow. Im a stylist, hence mixing up my style, hence I’ll wear whatever the hell I want to wear cause I can!
  5. I think YOU NEED A HOBBY!

Can you tell it’s been annoying me for a while? This weeks Melbourne’s KIIS 101.1 radio station, host Meshel Laurie was subject to a case of warrior ranting from a human we shall leave unnamed. And it’s got me thinking. It’s not just Public Eye Personalities that we all like to voice an opinion on. It’s everyone. We all do it and we don’t even realise it… We say, ‘oh I hate that person on that tv show!’ or ‘Oh I don’t like him or her!’ When really we know nothing about them. We judge on the perception we see. Cause this guy is a boxer, he clearly is an aggressive human, or cause she a blonde, slimy model she must be a slut.

You can try and deny it but it’s true. I was doing it myself and it wasn’t until I actually received warrior rants that I realised just how horrid Social Media can be.

But you can do something about it… Step away from the keyboard, step away from social media and enjoy life. CRAZY I know. Recently I deleted Facebook from my phone. Yes you read that correctly, I don’t have Facebook app or messenger! Best thing ever!  My anxiety levels dropped dramatically as my phone wasn’t going off with notifications and unwanted contact. Im sleeping better and not looking at my phone and enjoying time with my loved ones. CRAZY behaviour right? Do you remember the last time you didn’t use social media for a whole day? If you can’t, I advise you to give it ago.

Question: Why do we rely on social media so much to validate our lives? It’s all about the likes, the shares and the comments? When really it’s about hugging our loved ones, smiling, laughing and creating memories.

Social Media has destroyed more relationship, friendships and families. It spreads Hate not Love yet we all Love it and can’t get away from it. It’s an addictive drug. We say it’s to keep in contact with our friends and family, yet we could just call them.

Maybe as I get older Im just missing the old school ways of someone picking up the phone and calling me to see how i am, instead of fb inbox or a d*ck pic! You know what Im talking about girls! I had to mention it! That other unwanted side of men thinking they can send you things ‘cos ur hot so u will like this.’

Social Media is full of Creeps, Keyboard Warriors, Hate, Sexism, Racism… the list goes on. But we can stop what we have to put up with. Take a step back, Breathe and look at what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Don’t take comments to personally! I recently have been dealing with unwanted attention and I honestly wanted to be the true scorpio I am and attack but I didn’t. Instead I felt sorry for there behaviour and walked away. They didn’t win in my eye. I did, I walked away knowing the truth, knowing the human being I am and knowing that I love the people in my life and the things I do. No one can change that.

If you ever feel like life to hard from bullying or harassment please contact beyond blue or lifeline

Love and Light! KB xx

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