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Our Inner Child


The Inner Child… Who is He or She? Do you remember what He or She Loves and Hates?

I haven’t been myself this week. Overwhelmed and unmotivated to do the work I need to do. I’m literally counting down to my vacay next month. I’m on switch off mode already for the year… umm hello it’s September Kate and the new year is a few months off. Sigh!!

As a creative, I sometimes find it hard to stay focused and motivate myself. I literally have an A4 piece of paper that is a list of ‘TO DO’ … some of those TO DO’s have been on the list for a month. Yes, that’s right, a month!  Clearly not that important but still need to be sorted.

Today I stared at the laptop while trying to write a chapter of my book… oh yeah, if you didn’t know I’m actually trying to write my book on top of everything else.

So back to staring …. a good 20 mins went by and I had to get up. Off I went to get a coffee and some fresh air. Walking through the park on my way home, I saw the play equipment! I haven’t been on a swing in about 7yrs since I took my niece to the park. I looked around to see if anyone was watching and walked up and sat on the swing.

I forgot how fun swings are. When I was little I loved them. I loved the feel of flying in the sky like I was free as a bird. I spent a good 20mins today on the swing, clearing my head, thinking about fun past memories as a child. My inner child popped up!


Which made me start thinking… Why don’t we allow our inner child to come out more? Why as adults do we push our carefree, innocent and honest child deep within.

Do you remember playing your first footy game and kicking your first goal? The rush of excitement and joy. Or putting on your roller skates and skating so fast you felt like the fastest person in the world.


Today on my swing in the park, I sat there thinking I need to make some changes. I need to satisfy my soul and my inner child to make me a happier more fulfilled human. I need to not look around to see if anyone’s watching before I jump on a swing. Who cares what people think. My inner child doesn’t give a F$ck what you think, she just wants the thrill of being free!



So from my inner child to your inner child.. giggle till your belly hurts, jump in puddles, skip down the road, run your hardest, kick a football, swing high in the sky and keep smiling when adult life is crazy! It’s time to allow your inner child to shine.



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