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Stop and Smell the Roses, WTF does that mean?!



I’m just going to think out loud for a moment… please excuse me!

Take your time and smell the roses or stop and smell the roses? You know that saying, one of those annoying saying our parent’s generation love to say. Let’s be realistic for a second… Back in their day…sure take all the bloody time you need. Generation of working 9am-5pm in a job for a company you have been with for 20 odd years, house with the white picket fence, children in toe. Sound familiar? You know that life your meant to have as a now 30year odd adult. When realistically it’s the complete opposite, self-employed, long hours, a weekend that doesn’t exist or no social life cause your either working or exhausted from being over worked and can’t remember your last day off. Sadly that’s the new life, and I’m expected to stop and smell the roses at some point? Well YES.

May 2016 I started to make the Stop and smell the roses thing a thing in my life. I think in our life we have significant moments when we need to break out of your bubble. As Humans, we are complexed creatures. We base our judgment on facts and fiction. Chinese whispers, social media and frienemies (friends who are actually enemies) play a huge part to our happiness. Both physically and mentally. What we hear and feel due to what someone has said and done can be two very different things. The majority of the time we go along with the flow if what other people have said and done without actually asking questions. Sometimes this is due to our past and it triggers a moment we were hurt or an emotion that made us uncomfortable.

Life is a swirling wind of emotions. We have to deal with the good, the bad, the ugly and crazy but also the beautiful bliss. How do we know what’s true to us? Sometimes your heart and head get all court up and clouded and you can’t see the truth. Facts are actually fiction, what we know is true and trusting is actually seen or told to someone else as lies. When you have two paths to choice from how do you know which way is the way you’re actually meant to go. Head sees it black and white it sees the words as words, Heart is confused as F$ck wanting both but GUT knows the truth.  If you follow the head, long term will it last the strength of time? If you follow the heart, doubt will strain you and may cause a what if? But GUT, Gut knows who you are and what you want. Your gut is your magnetic pull back to the real direction of where/what path. I believe if your magnetically pulled to something it’s a form of destiny. I’m no Dalai Lama but I’m just a girl in a big world who has had so many opportunities I never dreamt of doing and meeting and sadly had a lot of tears on the way.

Sometimes I wish I could be Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors and see and experience the two options I have in life. Wouldn’t that make life so much easier?  It would but, at the same time, it would stop me from experiencing every emotion I have to become the stronger person I am.

Letting go of the control and letting your gut and instinct take over is a huge thing. 6mths in and I’m still learning to listen to my gut. I’m getting better at it but It’s so not easy. My ego/head keeps trying to take over. But I’ve learned to step back, get out of my bubble world and observe the truth, ask the question, seek the truth from people and ask myself deep inside for my truth and how I feel about things.

I’m actually backing myself. I know right… Can you believe it?! I’m even surprising myself but what a glorious surprise to have, as a strong woman I most definitely should be backing myself. I still have to pinch myself that I’m actually doing stuff for myself. My gut and I are becoming Besties. We may even stop and smell the roses this weekend. Want to join us for a stroll around the gardens?

KB x

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