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The Blood Moon Eclipse, The Mess and The Chaos. A Scorpios past Two Weeks.

Let’s get all hippy gypsy-like and talk about the last two weeks.  I don’t know about you but I’m over this energy!  That bloody Blood Moon Eclipse! You all know what I’m talking about.

Stargazers were treated to the longest lunar eclipse of the century, which saw the moon turn a deep shade of crimson. Beautiful, amazing and chaotic!

If you’re curious about just how strong a full blood moon can be, think of the regular full moon as Lorelai Gilmore after one cup of coffee. A full blood moon is akin to Lorelai after 10 pots of coffee.

While the full blood moon might make it feel like it’s bleeding you dry, this type of full moon actually has nothing to do with blood. The blood moon gets its name from the reddish hue it takes on due to the lunar eclipse.



The ‘Blood Moon’ coupled with Mercury in retrograde will make every star sign feel emotions more intensely!

So my last 2 wks have been so full on, I’m so over it. I’m one drained little lady! My personal life exploded with tiny bombs going off in every corner, my health could be better but post surgery she’s struggling and work, well its busy! What makes me laugh was 2days prior I was told, that for the next 6mths I need to not stress! My body needs to be calm and relaxed and stress-free!!!
My life has not been stressfree! If anything its been so intense and stressed.
I’m not one to cry so when I do, I ugly cry and it’s not small, its big, long and ugly.
It’s more like a breakdown. That Blood Moon, she sure broke me good!
But I know I’m not alone. Over the past week, I’ve spoken to lots of people struggling! So many emotions circulating, everyone’s having mini breakdowns!
I currently feel like the moon and the universe is conspiring against me and making me deal with issues I have locked up deep down inside myself. They were never meant to see the light of day again. Until NOW. That magical NOW place when everything is rising from the flaming pits of Hell. Dramatic? Yes, but I don’t care. It’s how I feel.

The Elite Daily has broken it up for us to understand everything thats happened.


All full moons naturally bring your shadow self out to play. All the thoughts and feelings tucked tightly away in your subconscious float to the surface, and everyone becomes more volatile, sensitive, and emotional. When a total lunar eclipse is a full moon multiplied by a million, tensions begin swarming our world long before it even begins and the energy ebbs away long after it’s over. This lunation doesn’t simply change your mind, it changes your entire world. 


As the blood moon comes to a close, you’ll begin to feel your feet dangling over the spiritual edge, your intuition spilling you harsh truths and the sensation that something big is about to happen. And let me tell you, lunar eclipses never lie. Whether you’re ready for it or not, a blood moon will shove you toward change, and change never happens without the loss of something else.

Relationships, projects, careers, and beliefs are known to come to an end on an eclipse. What survives the purging of this blood moon is meant to remain in your life (at least for now). I’m sure you have a few stories as such if you do some digging. For example last year, my best friend decided it was time to leave her boyfriend on a lunar eclipse.


If the changes that the blood moon brings leave you feeling helpless, anxious, or afraid, it doesn’t mean that the change was wrong. If you look back on horrible events in your past, such as breakups, job terminations, and financial ruts, hopefully by now you realize that these events ultimately had a purpose, as they took you on a whole new adventure that would otherwise never have happened.

This lunar eclipse will be in the progressive zodiac sign of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus — planet of revolution, inspiration, and of course, change. With so much compounded energy forcing you to let go of something futile and rapidly embrace all the various new opportunities you have, it’s time to trust in the cosmos.


Although change is never easy, you will receive pockets of understanding during the emotional mayhem of the blood moon. These pockets of understanding will allow you to see where the path you’re now moving on leads up to. There is something incredible waiting for you on the precipice of your destiny. As frustrating as it is, the road to your fullest potential is not straight, nor is it smooth. It bends, breaks, swerves, and crashes. A blood moon is merely a manifestation of that crash. Luckily, it is a crash you were always meant to survive.

In case you have no idea what an eclipse is… An eclipse occurs any time a planet or moon passes between another planet, moon or the sun.

Depending on their orbits, they can be total or partial.

A lunar eclipse is a specific event which happens when Earth lines up directly between the sun and the moon.

When this happens, Earth blocks the light from the sun to the moon. Earth’s shadow then falls on the moon.

During a lunar eclipse, we can see Earth’s shadow on the moon.

They can last for several hours, but it is rare for a period of total eclipse to last longer than 100 minutes.

At least two lunar eclipses happen every year.

A full moon is my peak crazy! I blame everything on the moon, especially when I lose the plot and become an emotional wreck. What female doesn’t!

So this is how it went down for each star signs. Think back to Friday 27th July, that crazy day/evening and see if you can relate.


ARIES: March 21 – April 19 

Bold and fiery Aries may go through huge highs and lows, in the next 24 hours, struggling to find a middle ground.

‘You might decide to cut ties with a frenemy. On the upside, a social media post could go viral, or a collaborative project can gain major buzz,’ Astro Style reported.

‘Aries, you’re a natural born leader, and after today, you might step into a powerful role.’

TAURUS: April 20 – May 20 

Sensuous Taurus who usually weighs up every decision carefully has spent the summer being much more impulsive.

And the Blood Moon could be set to highlight some of the downfalls of going against your nature.

‘Be cautious when it comes to mixing personal and professional arenas,’ Cafe Astrology warned. Misunderstandings can be plenty, and you’ll want to avoid bad press now.

‘Impatience won’t move things forward if they’re not ready to go in that direction, so take some time before making needed changes.’

GEMINI: May 2 – June 20 

While everyone else is feeling the downside of the Blood Moon, Gemini is the sign most likely to be upbeat and happy.

This means friends may turn to you for support when they’re struggling.

‘While some others may struggle with anger and frustration, your patience and decisiveness will help loved ones in a crisis,’ Astrologer Jamie Partridge of Astrology King said.

The added bonus for you is that ‘an opportunity may arise to apply this transformation to your love life, finances, or creative work.’

CANCER: June 21 – July 22 

Sensitive and loving Cancerians are used to dealing with big feelings, but you may find yourself surprised by an infatuation leading to an intense physical connection around the time of the Blood Moon.

‘On July 27, a total lunar eclipse lands in Aquarius and your merger-minded eighth house,’ the Astro Twins explained.

‘A simmering sexual attraction could consummate quickly, perhaps turning into a full-blown soulmate relationship. This eclipse could also bring a large financial windfall or unexpected momentum around a legal or property matter.’

LEO: July 23 – August 22 

The Blood Moon will serve as a reminder that you need to give as well as take in personal relationships.

‘You may need to take a look at the hard issues in a partnership so that you can later take action to make some crucial changes,’ said Cafe Astrology.

‘For now, sudden moves are not advised. Focusing on getting your practical priorities straight can be highly rewarding and even transformative now and in the coming weeks.’

VIRGO: August 23 – September 22

Earthy Virgo needs to take more ‘me time’ and stop neglecting your own needs

Luckily, the Blood Moon and lunar eclipse are set to remind you what your priorities are.

‘You could make a sweeping lifestyle change, switching up your daily routines or eating or fitness habits, or dramatically exiting a confining and stressful scenario,’ the Astro Twins said.

‘This is the final Aquarius eclipse in a series that’s been touching down on the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 2017 and revolutionizing your approach to health and helping you find the right balance between control and surrender.’

LIBRA: September 23 – October 22

Libra usually has an innate fresh energy, but you may have found yourself feeling overwhelmed by pressures this summer.

The Blood Moon is likely to bring further frustrations to light, so it’s important to find time for self care.

‘A frustrating matter from your past can emerge but can be very revealing, and you might begin to figure out the root of recent aggravations. Tensions now can come from pushing something that shouldn’t be accelerated,’ Cafe Astrology warned.

 ‘Matters are inflamed now, but this brings them firmly to your attention. The effects of this eclipse last many months. Epiphanies occurring now are meant to push you forward along a more authentic path.’

SCORPIO: October 23 – November 21

Extreme, moody and passionate at the best of times, you’re at risk of doing something on impulse that you might regret for years to come, so try to take a breath and think before you act.

“A tendency to act rashly without regard for the consequences can lead to great disruption in your life,”Astrologer Jamie Partridge of Astrology King cautioned.

“Awareness of this dynamic energy can instead lead to inventive and creative breakthroughs and a reinvigorated personal life.” Basically, it will be hard to find any middle ground as you vacillate chaos and common sense. Choose wisely and don’t let your emotions dictate your future.

SAGITTARIUS: October 23 – November 21

You may feel as if all your hard work has come to nothing lately, but the Blood Moon is set to thrust you into the limelight, and projects and relationships will start to develop rapidly.

‘Exciting news, plans and conversations that have been percolating since the Feb. 15 Aquarius solar eclipse could reach a boiling point,’ the Astro Twins said.

‘Ready to throw your hat in the ring for a cutting-edge project or to make a bold debut? This eclipse could bring major buzz around one of your ideas or turn you into a viral sensation.’

CAPRICORN: December 22 – January 19 

Capricorn has a stable, trustworthy nature and a risk-averse nature, but you may find yourself in a battle for control over finances or projects or to be dominant in a relationship

‘Money matters can be a big theme now. There can be a tug of war going on with someone (or within yourself) over money, possessions, and matters of control,’ Cafe Astrology said. ‘Whatever emerges now can force a needed change.’

AQUARIUS: January 20 – February 18 

The Blood Moon is an especially big deal for Aquarius and could have an impact on the direction your life takes for the next few years.

If you’ve been feeling stuck it should offer up an alternative path, or if you’ve been feeling ready for change now is the best time to start.

‘This one is the inaugural eclipse in a series that will fall on the Cancer/Capricorn axis between now and July 2020, initiating a wave of changes around health and healing, spirituality and creativity, and work and service,’ the Astro Twins explained.

‘Over the next two years, you’ll play with the balance between control and surrender, left and right brain, logic and magic.’

PISCES: January 20 – February 18

You’re a deeply emotional person who is both perceptive and sensitive and you can expect your natural intuition to be highlighted during the blood moon.

Make sure you listen to your inner voice and don’t worry about whether others agree with your decisions or not.

Cafe Astrology said: ‘This eclipse occurs in alignment with retrograde Mars and can push troubled areas to the foreground for your attention. Desires and feelings are intense now.

‘Focus on doing your best instead of allowing a lack of direction to interfere with productivity. In time, direction and purpose will reveal themselves.’

If reading all this has made you go, oh crap, yes that happened! Congrats on making it out alive!
Be kind to yourself! This energy is hard work and tiring! It will pass. You will learn something from it and it will make you a stronger human.

KB xx

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