Kate Bollard

Wealth Words


I suffer from insomnia and it does my head in laying in bed trying to sleep. Only so much Netflix and Hayu a girl can watch!
I have officially found my night time fun! Not only is it helping to unleash my inner wordsmith but it’s actually helping me use excess energy and relax me before bed.

Meet Wealth Words….

Wealth Words, a new online game created by an Australian tech company, where you can join in on the fun and compete with people across the globe to win cash prizes. Yes, you can win cash prizes.

FUN FACT: Wealth Words is a modern and engaging way to play a game that was created by Arthur Wynne and first published in the Sunday New York in December 1913.

And I’m totally digging it! It’s actually fun! Trust me I’ve tried a lot and have downloaded many a game in the app store but Wealth  Words is my jam.

I like the live puzzle games, I’m competitive so it’s fun!

Next time you’re struggling to sleep, I highly suggest becoming a wizard wordsmith with Wealth Words 

KB x


*Please Note: This is not promoting gambling, it solely promotes a game of skill, not luck.

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