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A Moment in Time – A Drug and Alcohol FREE Event

For the past 3-4 months, I’ve been dealing with some health issues and haven’t been drinking. It’s been a weird experience socially. Judgement, people asking why and the facial expressions like you are an alien for not drinking.
It’s bizarre.
But I know I’m not alone.
My gorgeous friend Holly emailed me to tell me she was going to create an event that was alcohol-free, drug-free and just a place where we can chill.
Sounded pretty cool to me.
Next minute …
A Drug and Alcohol-Free EventMany of our challenges come from separation, our fears and struggles.“A Moment In Time“ is a place to come together in unity through music, movement and authentic connection… with the freedom to be as you are.2e8ae09ef3c6bb558a40e368299ef570~ THE EXPERIENCE ~Set within Dimattina cafe, offering multiple spaces to explore…

-Begin the night with a guided group meditation opening us up to connection

-Tune in to a live acoustic set

-Hit the dance floor and get lost in the music from our DJs

-Relax & recharge with deep isochronic tones in the chill room

-Refuel in the cafe with organic tea, coffee, drinks & treats

A Moment In Time“ is an event for all human beings to unite. A conscious evening promoting a healthy lifestyle, community, connection, creativity, fun, freedom and purpose.. challenging the status quo around drug and alcohol use.




“A Moment In Time” all began with a conversation between friends…

Holly, Bec and Brett craving nights out and the dance floor vibe but without all the Alcohol and Drugs that have become the social norm.

So they decided to take a stand and create it!!!

~ Do you love music, meeting people and letting loose on the dance floor, but you are over the scene… the surface-level conversations, dress codes, guest-lists, late nights and the general vibe of mainstream bars and clubs… it’s all just too in your face?

– Dislike the effects that substances have on your physical, mental & emotional health, as well as your energy?

~ Prefer to be sober for personal, cultural or religious reasons and want somewhere to go where you feel at home?

~ Have you experienced violence or other undesirable behaviours due to substance use?

~ Do you crave a space where you are free from all of this energy???

Then I’ll see you at A Moment In Time!

KB xx


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