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Are you part of the Organic Crew?

“Be Informed, Be Involved and Make a Difference”

– A motto borrowed from the late John Bell, a pioneer of ethical and sustainable fashion in the 90’s.

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Organic Crew is an ethically conscious and organic apparel brand, founded by two Melbourne women– Mel Lechte and Bannie Williams.

After years of working in the corporate industry, the duo became tired of the world where profit is everything at any state. From this Organic Crew was born, a brand that prioritises sustainable and ethical practices as well as luxurious, high-quality apparel.

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The ever-so-soft cotton is farmed from certified organic cotton farms in India and is then milled and manufactured using certified organic dyes in Melbourne, Australia.

Organic Crew remain 100% transparent about what they do, as they are immensely proud to be creating not only a brand but a movement that represents passion and purpose.

“Our vision is to ensure everyone wins from our apparel; the environment, the people making our product and our valued customers.”

Launching their first collection consisting of a range of mindfully designed and effortlessly stylish basics.

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The collection transcends the seasons and each garment can be worn on its own or layered. From weekend lounging to evenings out, Organic Crew represents the timeless and contemporary style.

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