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Australian artisan fashion house, JUDE, has just launched their latest collection titled Tourmaline. The A/W18 collection features a darkly romantic tale of the protective power of dressing up, using clothing as a talisman to reconnect with one’s identity.

JUDE is a contemporary clothing and accessories label created by designer Jude Ng. With a background in the Fine Arts, JUDE offers a different point of view in fashion. His past life as a painter influences his work through the unique and offbeat use of shape, colour, texture, and the unexpected combination of materials.

What I love about JUDE is his layering technique, his structure, his flow and his shapes.
Designed and made ethically in Melbourne. Many designs are also gender neutral.
Fashion-forward individuals of all ages, shapes and sizes.

The A/W18 campaign weaves a dark tale of two disparate characters brought together by their yearning to return to a golden age while being trapped in a dystopian future.  They travel through an abstract and barren landscape of contrasts, trying to reconnect with their identity by wearing clothing which represents their ideals of a return to a happier time, where they felt protected by nature. They are shielded by what they wear, bravely travelling through the new and unexplored territory.

How Dark and Romantic! And you can totally see and feel that from the images.

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The collection in many ways functions like the protective power of the tourmaline stone itself, the warm, tactile textures, rich colours, and functional, sculpted shapes are layered together to create versatile outfits with longevity, fortifying the wearer as they travel through their daily life.

Meet Jude Ng


How long have you had your label JUDE?

About 4 years.

What was your inspiration for your latest collection?

For our Tourmaline AW 18 collection, we were inspired by the idea of creating ‘soft sculpture’ around the body, and using the ritual of getting dressed in layers of clothing as a form of protection to fortify the wearer as they travel through their daily life.

Much like a tourmaline amulet, the lush textures, deeply rich colours, and functional, sculpted shapes of the collection are layered together to create versatile outfits with longevity, using clothing as a talisman to reconnect with ones’ identity.

Tourmaline A/W 18 tells a darkly romantic tale of the protective power of dressing up, In this collection, we create a harmonious narrative between angular and soft, dystopia and comfort, strength and vulnerability.

What is your favourite piece from this New A/W18 Tourmaline collection?

The Avery Long Jacket – It is so comfortable and versatile, yet has a sleek and stylish line which dresses up a whole range of outfits.

Who has been your biggest role model/mentor?

My parents – as they have always believed in what I was trying to achieve, no matter how hard the struggle. They only ever offered me their support and encouragement. They are also both creative people in their own ways, my dad being an art and antiques dealer back in the day, and my Mum always being a fashion fanatic ever since I could remember.       

Coffee or Tea? How do you have it?

Coffee! Large Soy Mocha every morning

When designing, what inspires you? What gets the creative juices flowing?

Inspiration can come when I least expect it! Usually when I am watching a film or documentary, reading a book about art or fashion, walking around my neighbourhood of Fitzroy and observing quirky characters and the amazing street art, or simply going for a run or to the gym to clear my head. Being outdoors in nature also inspires me a lot.

Who is the JUDE customer? 

My customer consists of fashion savvy individuals, who have an appreciation for art and design, and have an understanding of contemporary culture and fashion. They are free spirited and not afraid to express their own individual style. They are generally socially and ethically conscious in their fashion choices, and would rather buy from an independent designer who makes their product locally, rather than from a large fashion chain store. They are much more interested in the story and meaning behind how their clothing was made, as well as how it will work for them in the long run, rather than just purchasing a look because it is on trend at the moment. Our work crosses a wide variety of ages and body types, and we create women’s, men’s and unisex / gender neutral pieces. Our customers come from diverse backgrounds – working professionals, fashionistas working in creative fields and stylish mature individuals who are looking for distinctive pieces for their wardrobe and lifestyle.

For those that aren’t familiar with JUDE and walked into your Fitzroy store the first time. What can they expect from the experience? 

They can expect to walk into an exciting, creative space, where they will be made to feel really welcome and at home, where they can have a chat with the designer and also watch us at work in the adjoining design studio at the same time. They will be taken through the collection, as we give them ideas and suggestions of how to style our pieces into their current wardrobe and show them different ways of wearing our clothes. We like our customers to feel at ease, so we make sure they are in a non-pressure environment, where we are simply helping them to find that perfect outfit for their lifestyle, instead of just “selling” to them. We create a very intimate and friendly experience for our customers, where they are able to really get to know the story of the brand and more importantly the story and people behind who made what they are wearing!


Price points for the collection range from $135 through to $693.


252 Johnston Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065



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