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We all want to get the latest celeb look, the statement earring is the trend we can’t turn away from.
The hottest jewels hanging from Celebs and bloggers at the moment… Jimena Alejandra.


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Semi-precious gems and crystals that will make your heart swoon.
Ladies, these are statements.

Check it…

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So who is Jimena Alejandra, that celebrities are flocking too?
Lawyer turned jewellery designer started her synonymous label after living and working in New York and seeing the iconic Gossip Girl being filmed. She was instantly inspired and reconnected with her natural affinity for colour.

Made using a unique wrapped, brass or German silver wire technique, Jimena Alejandra earrings exude quality with a bespoke touch. Featuring brilliant colour combinations and bold, modern designs, Jimena Alejandra pieces are striking and bound to make an impression.

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To get your hands on your own statement earring, head to Jimena Alejandra

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