July 6, 2017


Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Stephanie Claire Smith, Natalie Roser and Pia Muehlenbeck all have one thing in common! They all sport the Aussie cult sensation that is Frankie Swimwear.

They have made us drool and need the bikinis for the past few summers and nothing has changed. It’s winter and I’m already looking at what one I should buy!

But who is Frankie? And how did this little Aussie Label become such a need in our lives?

Our bikini connoisseur, Rebecca Klodinsky,


now 27 years old knew she could bring something unique to the swimwear industry.
Despite the market being flooded with competitors, no one else was offering sexy, classic cuts at affordable prices.

Affordable is the key word girls!! I can’t bring myself to spending hundreds of dollars on a bikini, I just can’t. I could name and shame the ridiculously prices bikini and full pieces I have been looking at. I’m always on the hunt for a new body suit/full piece or perfect bikini to add to the collection. But I can’t bring myself to the crazy prices. Rebecca gets that, Hallelujah!!!

Rebecca, a born entrepreneur, flew overseas, sourced manufacturing, refined her samples, learnt how to code from home, she built an e-commerce website and started selling to the public. Just like that! Taking over the world, one bikini at a time. And boy did she ever!!


(On a side note, can I also state just how hot this body suit is! And that it comes in a few must have colours! SOLD to the blonde haired fashionista writing this blog!! I need you in my life!)

Next minute, we saw Frankie everywhere! She understood the power of social media! Key to any new label and round 2 of world domination by Frankie Swimwear. EXPLOSION!  We all wanted our very own Frankie!

Can you believe that was 4years ago?

4years on and we are still obsessed with the brand’s luxurious textiles, classic cuts and minimalist aesthetics.
The suits, that sit high up on the hip or cut cheekily across the bottom. We just can’t get enough of them!
But wait there’s more…with a collection of sheer cover-ups, minimal one-pieces and plenty of tops and bottoms to buy separately to mix and match, Frankie Swimwear has a swimsuit for all women of all shapes and sizes.
Again, Hallelujah!!!


And the best part…All Frankie Swimwear bikinis are double-lined in the bust allowing the wearer to transition each piece from pilates to poolside proving just how versatile the range really is.


For those running away from winter (lucky bastard’s), if you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 4years, hit up Frankie and have a look, it’s a must for your European or USA summer.
And for the rest of us, struggling on these cold winter days… Jump over and get your new bikini for summer now so you can keep your summer bod in check this winter!

KB x

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