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Anyone else obsessed with Pink at the moment?

Last year was the start of my pinky obsession to be hair. Let’s blame The fox and the hair for it. But how much did we love this colour for a few weeks?! I sure did. Thanks Foxy crew.

IMG_3576Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 2.14.19 pm

I can’t get enough, pastel pink is my soul baby! It’s become an issue for a friend and I. We snap photos to each other of our pink obsession!

Everything looks better in rose coloured glasses, isn’t that what they say? So let’s get pinky!

I find Pink everywhere I look.

These are a couple of my finds to inspire you and bring a little pink in your life.
Click on an image you love and add it to cart instantly, welcome to #teampink in advance!

KB xx

R5101P - Heat Wave
170915 (1174)

R7615F - Havana (2)


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