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TAND Swimwear is a new brand starting in Sydney Australia, the home of surf and beach culture. With passion and inspiration for the brand came from the desire to be unique, classic and feminine without following typical style trends.

TAND is all about women, so of course, I was sold on their mentality of….


I had to know more of this swimwear label that is new to the beach block. TAND are hitting the runway at Sydney’s first ever Fashion+Aid. I’m excited to see what the label will show. As it will be their first glimpse of what launches in December for customers.

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What types of pieces will we see on the Fashion+Aid runway?

On the runway, I have some very exciting pieces waiting for you! One-pieces will be making an exciting come-back as it should. I’ve also tried to revamp many existing designs in interesting ways using different kinds of prints and colours to really make it pop.

Who is the TAND girl?

The Tand woman sets herself apart from the norm and decides for herself what is fashionable. She is incredibly classy and irrefutably stylish, confident yet humble, and beautiful in every way.

Tea, coffee or coconut?

Always coconut!

Where are some local Sydney swimming spots I must go to next time I’m in town?

Now, this depends on whether you prefer calm waters overlapping waves, but my new favourite spot is Kurnell purely because I can bring my dogs with me and go swimming in the water with them! When I prefer to enjoy more waves, I would usually go to Stanwell Park to any of the little beaches along the coastline or North Curl Curl which is the complete opposite direction. I find that the further outside of Sydney you go, the more peaceful and relaxing it is, which is exactly what you should be doing at the beach.

What essentials do you carry in your beach bag?

I’ve always got 5 bottles of water because I go through them like a horse, especially on those hot summer days. Sunscreen and tanning oil are of course 2 other essentials so that I can stay ‘Tand’. Sunglasses, a nice big beach hat or cap, a deck of cards to play with my friends and of course a Bluetooth speaker!

What swimwear trends do we need to keep our eye out for this summer?

One-pieces galore! Yes, you probably realise now that I love one-pieces, but come on who doesn’t?!

What is TAND Swimwear’s mantra?

I regularly feature this mantra at the end of all my blogs, and it speaks volumes about the TAND brand:

Stay bold.

Stay classy.

Stay Tand.

Favourite place to travel?

It’s got to be Europe! After visiting Italy, Greece and Turkey once many years ago, I have the urge to go back and explore it more. There’s so much there I still haven’t seen and so much history yet to witness. Not to mention all the restaurants I have yet to try.

Dream location to should your campaign?

I have a few dream locations, including the Versace hotel in Queensland, Positano, or even Bondi for a very classic 90’s kind of shoot on roller stakes. Just talking about it is making me so excited!

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