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Let’s talk about something I love… Diamonds, Pink Diamonds that is.

Taking some of nature’s most spectacular treasures and crafting exquisite jewellery, Pink Kimberley Diamonds belongs to an Australian family-owned company that has been trading within the jewellery industry since 1967. Pink Kimberley Diamonds offers heritage, prestige and timelessness unlike any other. Founded in 1967, Pink Kimberley Diamonds wholesale and retail pink diamond stones as well as their own jewellery through two brands; the luxury Pink Kimberley collection and Blush Pink, a more accessible yet high-quality collection.

Pink Kimberley Diamonds use only hand-selected, white diamonds and natural Australian pink diamonds sourced from the world-renowned Argyle Mine. Located in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, the Argyle Mine produces an estimated 90-95% of all the world’s pink diamonds and is the only mine in the world that unearths pink diamonds with a deep, pink colour.

Pink diamonds are beyond rare – less than 0.1% of the diamonds mined at Argyle possess the pink hues that range from rosy through to almost red. It is estimated that the Argyle Mine will be exhausted in just 2 years, meaning that the supply of these remarkable diamonds is finite whilst demand is only increasing. This ensures that Pink Kimberley Diamonds jewellery and stones are not only an elegant and truly precious keepsake, gift or family heirloom, they’re a sound investment.

Pink Kimberley Diamonds has a steady and direct supply of Argyle Pink Diamonds, making them one of
the world’s leading pink diamond wholesalers and retailers. Each and every Pink Kimberley Diamonds piece is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, which documents the chain of custody for each stone, guaranteeing peace of mind with ethically sourced, beautiful Australian diamonds.

Boasting beauty rich and rare, Pink Kimberley Diamonds is a brand that truly embodies the world-famous majesty of Australia’s unique precious stones. Each and every Pink Kimberley Diamond reflects the sublime pink skies beneath which they’re found, possessing an incomparable brilliance that makes them truly a sight to behold.

Pink Kimberley Diamonds are just breathtaking as you can see for yourself.

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