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We Eat Avocado Toast (WEAT) is the delightfully playful handbag and accessories brand dreamt up by two besties from Germany. Nina and Lara have been best friends since high school, the avocado to each other’s toast.

After graduating from high school together their studies took Nina and Lara into different directions. While Nina was studying fashion designs and working for several big European brands, Lara was studying business working in all kinds of different divisions and industries before they reunited to Hong Kong to work on their accessory brand WEAT – We Eat Avocado Toast.

This not so humble food has become the favourite of style-making, brunch lovers the world over, making it a perfectly memorable brand name for a fresh generation of handbags.
We Eat Avocado Toast!

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The partners in crime imagined a bag that was stylish yet practical, comfortable to wear, worn close to the body for security and freedom, just big enough for all the essentials (lipstick, credit card, phone) and that adjusted to their globe-trotting ways with ease. The handbag concept was due for a millennial inspired makeover!

WEAT was born in August 2017. The very first style is TOAST – a petite, multifunctional bag that makes effortless transitions between clutch, cross-body bag, belt bag and clip-on mini for a stylish take on ‘bag-on-bag’. This is the new functionality with a carefree, fashion-forward edge.
The secret to TOAST’s utilitarian ways lies in the unique triangle clip. This ingenious addition makes the TOAST supremely comfortable to wear, meaning you can dance to your heart’s content, shop hands-free and sprint through the airport terminal in style, all without feeling any movement or uncomfortable pulling that comes with a standard crossbody bag.

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The perfect bag and size for festivals, a girl’s night out or travelling the globe. It is the innovative millennial bag! TOAST is available in different colours and fabrics, my personal fav is the pink velvet. Let’s not forget you can accessorise with  Charms to make your TOAST have your very own personal touch.

20170607_WEAT_0630They also have a cute perfect white tee…Yes, it’s totally Instagram worth along with all their bags!

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To get your own Toast head to WEAT and trust me you want to jump on their IG the images and styling is everything!!!

WEAT Baby!

KB x

PS: Here’s a taste of their IG.

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