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It’s no secret that coconut water is a delicious, health-conscious alternative to energy and soft drinks. Packed with electrolytes and minerals, coconut water is a refreshing and effective way to hydrate that’s become the healthy beverage of choice for anyone looking for a touch of tropical refreshment!

While coconut water is a giant player in the beverage space, one sip of newcomer Honest Harvest and you’ll know you’re drinking a truly unique coconut water. Yes, the eye-catching, clear bottle is a giveaway that this is no ordinary coconut water. But it’s that first taste of pure, smooth, natural, sweet Honest Harvest that is the real indicator of something special.


Honest Harvest is 100% raw, organic, single origin coconut water extracted exclusively from Nam Hom coconuts that are grown in organic USDA certified organic plantations in Thailand. Known for their naturally sweet flavour profile, these young green coconuts are harvested at the precise point of ripeness. The nutrient-rich liquid is then bottled, High Pressure Processed (HPP) and refrigerated at source as well as all points of transportation and storage.

Honest Harvest is the closest you can get to cracking open a freshly picked, young green coconut yourself!

While the clear bottle stands out (most other coconut waters are packed in foil-lined tetra-packs) there is a reason Honest Harvest is packed this way. There is absolutely nothing to hide and everything to show off! Whether it’s crystal clear or rosy-pink, Honest Harvest is proudly pure. In fact, the unique pink colour is a tell-tale sign that the coconut water contains naturally occurring antioxidants that wouldn’t survive heat- treatment, so it’s as close to nature as you can get.

Honest Harvest coconut water is a Fair For Life member, ensuring ethical, fair and respectful trade partnerships that support the growers and the environment. Honest Harvest also has systems in place to support the biodiversity of the land and the health of the growers, meaning long-term sustainability that conforms to all USDA organic regulations.

For the finest coconut water that tastes good, makes you feel and
good and is helping to create positive social and environmental change, Honest Harvest is coconut water as its meant to be. Just one mouthful and you’ll taste the difference!

A drink with social and environmentally conscious.

I’m addicted! It tastes so good! Try today.

Available at selected retailers including Harris Farm Markets in 250ml and 500ml bottles. Visit http://honestharvest.org.au/ for more details.

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