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If Australia had a Kris Jenner her name would be Roxy Jacenko. We all know how hard Kris Jenner works for the Kardashian Empire, well Roxy Jacenko is the PR mogul building that Empire day by day. I first met Roxy a lifetime ago and have watched her build an uber-successful PR agency in Sydney. I have never seen such a hard working woman. If someone is going to change the world/industry, Roxy can and will. I feel like she’s 5 steps ahead of the rest with her amazingly talented staff. Even when she’s had some personal blows, she comes back fight full steam ahead.

You know when you’re asked to name 3 people dead or alive to have dinner with… Roxy Jacenko is one of my 3. Why you ask?  Well have a read of my 5 minutes with Roxy Jacenko and see if you can guess why?  My answer will be at the end.

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Meet Roxy Jacenko

The past 12 months have been a lively year for you, what have been your top 3 moments?

To say the least!!

Having Oli back has been incredible for the kids and we’ve never been happier as a family

Overcoming breast cancer and having my health back in check

Seeing my businesses continue to grow from strength to strength – we’ve just launched a new digital agency this week called Social Union, so a very exciting start to 2018!

So, we hear you’re doing something exciting with Chargrill Charlies, tell us a bit about what we can expect?

Being a mother and working full time, I’m very time poor to go out and do the grocery shopping and I’m not the best chef in the kitchen! For me collaborating with Chargrill Charlie’s was very natural partnership. A healthy lifestyle and fitness is so important to me, so creating three healthy salads that people can get on the go felt very natural. The salads are clean and slimming and go nicely with some grilled chicken or baked salmon for added protein.

Which Salad from the Chargrill Charlie’s collaboration is your personal favourite?

The Summer Melt – I love the halloumi with fresh pomegranate seeds!

Over the past year, we’ve seen you focus more on healthy living. From going to the gym everyday, to becoming an ambassador for Enjo (who are known for their no chemical products), tell us how your experience with being diagnosed with cancer has made a positive impact in your life.

Being a mum with two young kids, and being diagnosed with cancer was a real wake up call! The doctor had told me that the treatment would give me brittle bones and that it was important to do exercise to stay healthy. I knew I needed to get back into the gym ASAP and that was what kickstarted my health turn around. Even though I wish it didn’t have to happen because of my diagnosis, I now feel better than I ever have.


ENJO as a business represents so many of the qualities I admire and respect. After my cancer diagnosis I really wanted to limit the amount of chemicals I came in to contact with, so when I was introduced to ENJO, I absolutely fell in love with their products because you only need to use water to activate the fibers which remove dirt and germs. My absolute favourite product is the Sante by Enjo make up remover discs which come in a set of 7 and you only need to use water and the fiber disk to remove all dirt and makeup from the day, no cleanser required.

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You’re known for having the mantra “Why walk when you can run?” Did you have a mantra that helped you keep on your feet with everything that was the year, 2016?

Prove them wrong and fight back twice as hard.

How do you find the perfect work/life balance? You manage 3 businesses plus have 2 children under the age of 6. Every woman I know, including myself wants to know how you do it and what does balance mean for you?

Now 4 businesses! I’ve made plenty of sacrifices to ensure my businesses are a success. I don’t think it’s possible to run a successful business without another area of your life missing out to some extent. Starting a business in my early 20s meant that I was never that girl out partying on the weekends, socializing, relaxing. I was working 24/7. You can never truly switch off when you run your own business, you’re ultimately responsible for every element of the operation so it’s not feasible to take a break. Even on holidays you still need to ensure that you’re contactable and across everything.

For me, finding balance means every moment I’m not working is spending time with my family and Pixie and Hunter. I’ll leave work to be home at 6pm sharp, spend time with the kids before bed and then back on to my emails. I don’t like to socialize and I’d rather spend that time taking the kids to the beach or somewhere new in Sydney!


 You started your empire in 2004, at the age of 24years old! PR is a cut-throat industry. What do you believe were the key things that helped you establish Sweaty Betty PR and succeed?

The one key thing to succeed is going the extra mile. Every, single day. Lots of people have great ideas, but not many are willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears to make those ideas a reality. If you want to have a successful business you need to commit to every facet of the business – from the way you tie the bow on a gift bag to the way you greet a person. No task is too small or beneath you, you need to work as though every task will make or break your business. For example, we recently gave out 500 Chargrill Charlie’s  beach umbrellas on a 45-degree day in January, it was sweltering in the back of the van, but you get involved – don’t leave the job to someone else and ‘hope’ it will be done well. At the end of the day, hard work pays off.


What is the one thing you love most about the job that gives you the biggest satisfaction?

I work very closely with my team, many that have started as interns and have grown into full-time publicists. It’s rewarding to watch them grow, experience, learn and achieve in what they’re passionate about!

With the media and the digital world forever changing. Where do you see the future for PR?

It is forever changing, and this is part of the development of my newer businesses Ministry of Talent and Social Union. It’s all about creating content, going online and paving the way to influence the Australian market in ways that haven’t been seen. That’s the future of PR.

You’re ‘In Conversation’ series has been a huge success, with the next upcoming one being your first in Gold Coast on February 16th which is off the back of a sold-out Sydney and Melbourne shows. What are a few tips or tricks one can expect to learn at one of your events?

Thank you, I’m so excited to take it to the Gold Coast! We have a few final tickets still available via www.roxyjacenko.eventbrite.com.

I’ll share with you my 5 top tips for Instagram:

Have a consistent message

Ensure that your content is high quality

Don’t ramble and keep the hashtags to a minimum!

Make sure you are true to yourself

Post regularly but not too often (I should probably take my own advice haha!)

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3 words to describe yourself. Go!

 Driven, bold, creative.

What is your favourite piece from your closet right now?

My Hermes Crocodile Birkin Bag!


How do you have your coffee?

 Skim Piccolo

Thank you, RJ xx
Now, do you understand why she is one of my 3 I’d choose?
She is the girl that keeps on going, no matter what haters or the universe throws at her. She is passionate, driven and successful. She is both a successful businesswoman and an amazing mum. Whether you love or dislike Roxy, you can’t deny her success and strength.

I can’t wait to see what Roxy does next. If you’re not already, I suggest you stalk her insta HERE.

KB xx

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