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Have you been to Healesville Sanctuary? I had never been until a few weeks back. But wow was it an experience, not only was it beautiful but the work that the team are doing is unbelievable.
Let me share with you my very special day at Healesville Sanctuary.
Some fun facts to start with about Healesville Sanctuary:
Formally known as the Sir Colin MacKenzie Sanctuary, Healesville Sanctuary is a bushland haven for Australian Wildlife. I haven’t been to a zoo like it. You literally feel like you are in bushland with the animals all around you. Birds fly above as you stroll to earthly paths from enclosure to enclosure.
Some of Australia’s most endangered species have had a big boost thanks to results at Zoos Victoria, especially at Healesville Sanctuary. The Healesville Sanctuary is committed to fighting wildlife extinction and offers visitors the opportunity to come close up to unique Australian animals in a stunning bushland setting.
Healesville Sanctuary has been a loved and treasured destination for all Victorians for 84 years, attracting more than 350,000 visitors every year.

I recommend getting a map and not missing a thing!
So let’s start the adventure…
Follow Tenielle and I….

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It’s not like your average zoo. You can get up close and personal to the animals at a small fee. Small numbers of groups can experience an animal in its natural enclosure. I was lucky enough to hang out with my new little pal Gem at the Wildlife Health Centre. The Wildlife Health Centre is kept busy every day, not only looking after all the animals in their collection but also caring for the many wild patients brought to them after being found sick, injured or orphaned.
The Australian Wildlife Health Centre treats more than 1,500 sick and injured native animals every year. The hospital team also conducts cutting-edge research into conservation medicine, clinical wildlife medicine and wildlife rehabilitation, and plays an important role in wildlife disease surveillance. Visit the Centre to meet their wonderful vets and nurses and watch them at work treating sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

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I also experienced the wonder’s of the sky at Spirits of the Sky, a daily show at Healesville Sanctuary. Discover Australia’s majestic birds of prey and magnificent parrots in this spectacular daily show, free with general admission.  Who rules the sky? Parrots, by their sheer numbers – or birds of prey, as skilled predatory hunters? Watch and make up your own mind.

And yes I concurred a fear. I had a parrot on my arm and feed it!!!!

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Tales from Platypus Creek, a daily at Healesville Sanctuary.
Think the Platypus is a shy and reclusive creature? Think again! Tales from Platypus Creek lets you see Platypus as they have never been seen before. Come face-to-face with Healesville Sanctuary‘s most iconic species in a world-first interactive Platypus show. Observe Platypus as they interact with keepers, play in the water and even enjoy having their tummies tickled!

I learnt a lot in the platypus creek about balloons. They spoke about the impact that balloons have on sea birds and animals. In short… When Balloons fly, Seabirds Die.
They have a campaign urging Australians to blow bubbles instead of balloons at their next outdoor events.
12 Victorian Councils and 6 Zoos and Aquariums from across Australia have pledged their support for the campaign and to be balloon-free at outdoor events.
To be involved heard HERE.
I signed the pledged.

We got to get up close and personal with a few other friends, check out the photos below.

No packed lunches needed! The Sanctuary Harvest serves up something a little special.With exceptional local and seasonal produce, aim to invite visitors to try a taste of the Yarra Valley with an ever changing menu, highly recommend Yarra Valley Lamb Curry or the burger!!!

What a day!
I can’t thank the Team at Healesville Sanctuary enough for all there help on the day. Such a lovely and friendly crew, answered all our random questions and even personally took me to places when I got a little lost…I’m not great with maps!
They helped make the day unforgettable.
I highly recommend heading out to Healesville Sanctuary to see all the hard work they do. Also massive thanks to my partner in crime Tenielle for all the images.

Thank you!
KB x


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