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Want happier, healthier and more productive employees?
Easy! Empower them to wear Activewear to work on Fit Friday.

Bringing Active Living to the workplace, Lorna Jane’s newest initiative
Fit Friday will take place on Friday 25 May 2018. It’s a day where Employers encourage their team to wear Activewear to work to promote a healthier and more active lifestyle.

The recommended number of daily steps to reach minimum exercise requirements is 10,000.
The average office worker only walks around 3,000 steps per day!

We need to provide opportunities for people to make healthier choices in the workplace. It doesn’t need to be difficult and Fit Friday will show that a small change can offer huge benefits to businesses and employees alike.

Businesses who actively support and encourage their team to be healthier report higher levels of employee satisfaction, reduced staff turnover, increased productivity, higher engagement and a reduction in sick leave.
And in turn, Team Members feel more valued and are more likely to make healthier choices both inside and outside of work.

How can wearing Activewear help?

When you wear Activewear…

You are naturally more active – you take the stairs over the elevator, you can easily transition into workout mode before or after work, you will walk more throughout the day

You are more productive – you get up from your desk and ask questions in person instead of via email, you’re more likely to hold walk and talk meetings which stimulate thinking, you are more comfortable and therefore less distracted

You are more mindful – making healthier decisions around your exercise and food choices

You are more motivated and inspired – your mind associates wearing Activewear with being motivated and doing something positive for your body and mind, which will transition into your work

To be a part of this new, proactive health and wellness initiative, register your business at lornajane.com. You will receive a Fit Friday pack with everything you need to make your workplace fitter, happier and more productive.


All you need to do is encourage your team to wear their favourite Activewear and take the opportunity to be more active at work on Fit Friday, 25 May 2018.

Fit Friday is the second new initiative Lorna Jane have launched this year. Earlier in the year, Lorna Jane announced its new Wellness Program, the Active Living Program. Offering ‘free fitness’ through monthly Move, Nourish and Believe plans. Including; weekly workouts, meal guides and believe practices, the program now has more than 700,000 members and is growing daily.

Let’s all get Fit Friday together!

If you need to update the activewear wardrobe. Here are my favs Lorna Jane has just dropped.

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