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Mastering Mindfulness with Australian CEO, PT and Fitpreneur, Travis Jones.

Travis Jones, Fitness entrepreneur, businessman and business coach gives insight on how to master your mind, and keep it calm when hustling through your day.
You might remember Travis from other blogs of fitness and health we have featured on katebollard.com
We have literally never been so busy as we are right now. Whether it be deadlines at the office, a painful boss, family or relationship troubles, or simply a hectic lifestyle, we are all switched on, plugged in and powered up from dawn until dusk. And sometimes we simply have to be – it’s the way of the modern world.

The problem is that, through all this stress, it’s also important we are working at maximum efficiency. There is no point hustling from point A to point B if we aren’t getting the job done. Stress, anxiety and disorganisation can be giant hurdles in the way of our goals.
This is where Mindfulness comes in. Multiple studies have shown the power of taking just ten minutes out from every day to be present and calm. Mindfulness and meditation can help us to regulate our emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression, and even aid in controlling our weight.
No longer reserved for the flowery hippie, businessmen and women are now tapping into this valuable resource for calming their mind and helping them to work to the best of their ability. And it doesn’t need to take all day! Like for so many other problems, there’s even an app.

Travis’ Top 5 Mindfulness Apps: 


Simple, straightforward and not your typical flowery ‘peace, love and brown rice’ meditation experience. Headspace is free to download and takes just ten minutes per day to complete. It’s truly meditation for busy Gen Y.


The Buddhify app contains a host of themes to choose from, so you can find a meditation style that best suits your personality and what you are doing at that time of day – from sitting at work to sitting on the train. I particularly like their ‘sleep meditation’.

The Mindfulness App 

I love this ap! You can pick a timed meditation anywhere from 3 to 30 minutes, and the inbuilt stats can help you track your progress and create a positive habit. You can even set ‘Relaxation Reminders’.

Simply Being

We use these simple guided meditations for our Luxury Fitness Retreats. There’s a solid choice of themes that are aligned with whatever mood you find yourself in, and you can choose to listen to the voice alone, or with music or nature sounds.

Relax Melodies

Not into the guided, voice-activated readings? Relax Melodies provides soothing background music to ease you into sleep or to allow you to focus through your own meditation practice, and be present and mindful.

Ultimately, it’s important you find the app that works for you; one that resonates with your personality and fits into your time constraints and lifestyle. Even if it’s just downloading a guided meditation off YouTube, there is no right or wrong answer. One of the best things you can learn is to take just a couple of minutes each day for yourself, and just…be!

I’m off to the middle of Australia next week. Uluru, I’m coming for you. Time to zone out and get some peace. I will be downloading these Apps and giving them a go. Thanks for the advise Travis!
KB xx
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