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The Coachella Dream

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It felt like everyone I knew was jumping on a plane and heading to one of the weekends of Coachella. I’m not going to lie I was FOMO! I stepped up my “I’m in oz, but dreaming of Coachella” style here in Melbourne while living vicariously through the Instagram haze.

While most of us were back here in Australia, my girl Roni Cross, Founder of Kaliver, was living the Coachella dream!

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Roni is camera shy but doesn’t realise she’s ridic effortless when in front of a camera. She’s pretty amazing at being behind the camera too. Let’s be honest, if you meet my girl Roni, you just want to know her and be her mate. She’s an ace chick! So I decided she needed to share her Coachella experience with us.

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3 words that would describe Coachella? 
life altering experience (a must do before 40)
what was your highlight from the Coachella experience?
The live music, the complete size of it all, everything was done to the extreme; there were poles with speakers across the main stage area, and through the crowd, so every person in the crowd could have the same musical experience as the people at the front. The sound quality wasn’t compromised at every stage. Favourite act – Mac Miller or Martin
Favourite act – Mac Miller or Martin Garrix
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Describe your thoughts on the fashion experience of Coachella.
Is it what other media showcase … is it over the top, super stylish or did you feel there is more hype on the fashion then what you saw?
Because I was a weekend #2 patriot, I don’t think that it was as pretentious as weekend #1. Each outfit I wore, I felt extremely uncomfortable and out of my comfort zone until I reached the Coachella gates. I don’t think people are checking out each other as much as the media hype it up. Maybe that’s only for celebrities, or celebrity-wannabes.
Would you go again?
YES! In a heartbeat.
Your outfits for the days… what was your inspiration and vibe for each? 
– Day #1 Outfit  –
This outfit (originally an Alice McCall Lace dress) was never taken out of my suitcase. The morning of Day #1 I arrived from SLC on a 6 am flight to LAX. The transition from -15C to 48C was a bit too much for my body to handle, So I went with a staple mini leather skirt from Shakuhachi, and a black Bassike top, Adidas Slides, Chloe Bag, a bandana (a must for the daily dust storm) and a Lack Of Color Hat.
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– Day #2 Outfit –
I thought it would be better to choose my craziest outfit for this day, as it was the skimpiest one I had (and I’m extremely sun-sensitive at the moment), and we weren’t attending the festival until 6 pm that night (as the earlier acts weren’t known to myself or my friends).
I had bedazzled a sports bra and briefs, and custom made the overlay skirt.
I teamed this with my trusty Adidas slides, bandana, Chloe Bag, and Lack Of Color Hat.

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– Day #3 Outfit –

It was the first day which the heat let up, we were blessed with a light breeze. I decided to wear a KLVR SWM new season one piece, under an ASOS embroidered mini dress, along with my trusted Chloe Bag, Adidas Slides, and Bandana. I actually transitioned into my light-up shoes later in the evening (not pictured), but they definitely AMPED up the look for the last night!

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Did find anyone that you just loved their look?
I actually didn’t. I’m more, live in the moment and enjoy everything that’s happening, rather than take photos of others.
As a designer did you find it inspiring? if so how so?
I did, and I didn’t. Festival attire is in its own category, and Kaliver isn’t based around festival attire. But I did love how ‘free’ everyone felt that they could express themselves through clothes.
Did you walk away with a new trend from Coachella?
Not necessarily a trend, but more of a confidence; More freedom to express yourself, through design and colour.

Massive Thanks to my girl Roni for sharing her images and experience with us!
So who’s up for Coachella 2018? We might see you there!
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