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Time to get healthy with Mōdere


I started on a health kick journey about 3months ago. I was at struggle street, ridiculously low iron (4-6 was my level which is horribly bad!), tired, eating anything that had sugar as I had no energy and not sleeping. My body was over everything and didn’t want to function!
Randomly I met up with two of my favourite girls from A Change Worth Making for brunch in Melbourne. I was complaining that I was DYING, cause I’m dramatic but I literally felt that way. To my complete surprise, the girls introduced me to Mōdere.

I’m not going lie, I was completely sceptical of all these natural products helping me. I’ve suffered from low iron for most of my life. I’ve forever been tired and see it as a way of life now. How sad!
A week after our brunch, a quick consult with  A Change Worth Making, a cute little box arrived from Mōdere with all my new products that were set to change my body.


I made a promise to myself, no matter how bad it tasted, I was going to give it a go for 3 months.
The first week was my hardest! One product was not ideal tasting but I soon noticed my palette changed after a few weeks. My body started to enjoy it. I noticed after a short 9 days that I had energy, didn’t need sugar to get me through my morning and woke up with a kick in my step.
Sleep, my body clock changed. I slept like a ‘normal’ person. I found my body to have energy but be relaxed at the same time.

3 months on… I went back for a blood test to check my iron levels. It had doubled in level!
I’m not going to lie, I was not expecting that. And I honestly think it could have been higher cause I was a little naughty and missed a few days.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 5.50.16 pm
What is Mōdere?

The essential products you use every day!
Personal Care, Health and Wellness, and Home Care.
Safer, effective, stylish and at your fingertips 24/7.
They create the best possible products so you can trust what you expose your body, your family and your home too.
Products you fall in love with and want to share with others.

The Health and wellness collection by Mōdere allows you to focus on targeted areas of your body and restore balance, energy and stamina.
I take 4 different products in a day. Takes 5 minutes out of my morning and evening, but health benefits are creating a longer more empowered woman.


Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 4.47.19 pmEvery Mōdere product, you’ll see these symbols. They represent their commitment to bringing you safer cleaner products, and more. They show the products are not tested on animals, their total approach is one of responsibility and sustainability, and that their packaging is both BPA free and recyclable. An important reflection of who they are and what they do, and that’s why they’ve been a leader in the science of living clean for over 25 years.

I’m still continuing my journey with Mōdere and wanted to share with my readers what changed my life. New Year is upon us and I know many will have health on the list of new year resolution.
Check out  Mōdere and see how it can change your lifestyle to live clean.

KB xx


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