Kate Bollard


Ed O’Donoghue, The FroPro KING

FroPro is the passion project of ex-professional Rugby Union player Ed O’Donoghue. What’s FroPro? FroPro is a deliciously smooth, high-protein ice cream that is 95% sugar-free, low GI, all natural, gluten free and low fat. FroPro […]

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Luxury Fitness Retreat

I don’t know about you but I know I need out of Melbourne. Time out from the craziness to just switch off and it all be about me. The stress is, this year has flown […]

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Let’s get Honest!

It’s no secret that coconut water is a delicious, health-conscious alternative to energy and soft drinks. Packed with electrolytes and minerals, coconut water is a refreshing and effective way to hydrate that’s become the healthy […]

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Want happier, healthier and more productive employees? Easy! Empower them to wear Activewear to work on Fit Friday. Bringing Active Living to the workplace, Lorna Jane’s newest initiative Fit Friday will take place on Friday […]

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Let’s get AKTIVAAL

How did you go with your new years’ resolution? If you had a health goal and found that March is practically here and you go nowhere near that gym…look no further then Aktivaal. Kick-start and refresh […]

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Roxy Jacenko

If Australia had a Kris Jenner her name would be Roxy Jacenko. We all know how hard Kris Jenner works for the Kardashian Empire, well Roxy Jacenko is the PR mogul building that Empire day […]

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