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Travel, we all love it, we wish we had more time and money to do it but as I’ve scrolled Instagram over the past 6months I’ve discovered the biggest trend in travel… Going SOLO.

Yes Bali, Mykonos and USA are always in popular demand by travels around the world, especially from a lot of our Aussie friends escaping the winter months to where the sun and sand is.

Solo adventures are at an all time high around the world. I myself have had adventures aboard on my own over the past decade. But I’m an only child who loves doing things on my own. I recently got picked on by a friend for being “weird”…I have no issue doing anywhere on my own… dinner, bar, new city or town, breakfast or to the movies. I like my “me” time.

I decided to look into this solo adventure, as I really do believe it’s becoming a trend in travel for 2017. I decided to contact a few people who are having epic solo adventures around the world to get their thoughts on the new trend.

Meet Kate Scott from WanderLuxe Travel Co

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Her insta, cause trust me you’re going to want to stalk is HERE
Essentially as an independent, home based ‘Travel Stylist’, the world is her office and allows Kate the opportunity to travel lots, to make sure that she’s not only out there forming personal relationships with her suppliers and hotels and resorts worldwide. But, as She works on the road, She’s always 100% contactable for her clients, no matter where Kate is in the world. Clearly, Kate has the best job in the world! We will all now be jealous of her! 

Occupation: Travel Stylist
Freshwater, Sydney (But I work wherever I have my lap top!)

How old were you on your first solo travel experience?

I was 22yrs old. I packed up and moved to London, and proceeded to travel solo around Europe.

Where have you solo travelled too?

Europe, India, Thailand, USA, South Africa and China

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What made you have a solo adventure?

Solo travel initially came about simply because it wasn’t always easy to find friends to travel with, due to conflicting work schedules or just the fact that I wanted to visit a destination that no one else was keen on. So rather than let that stop me, I decided to bite the bullet, take a chance and go anyway. Once I’d found my feet and realized that solo travel wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, my reasons for solo travel changed. There is something totally liberating about travelling solo. You can do exactly what you want when you want and you are so much more open to meet new people when you’re on your own.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about doing their first solo travel adventure?

There is lots of great advice out there for solo travel with regards to safety and being open to new experiences, but probably the biggest challenge and fear I see in people who aren’t used to travel on their own is when it comes to dining out. No one likes the idea of being perceived as a loner, so eating out on your own in a foreign country can be a little intimidating and nerve wracking, so I would just say DO IT! Don’t let being by yourself stop you from having a great dining experience. Sit at the bar, chat to the waiters, take a good book, and embrace it. It truly is ok.

At WanderLuxe Travel Co are you finding a rise in solo adventure?

I’m definitely seeing more of an increase in solo travellers choosing fully tailor-made journeys, rather than the traditional coach tour or cruise. Yes, those options can be great for solo travellers, but the majority of my clients like to go their own way. So, people are allowing me to tailor trips for them that involve a combination of great hotels and resorts, free time for them to explore and do their own thing, and then some strategically placed dining or sightseeing experiences, in small groups that will open them up to the opportunity to meet people along the way.

Where are the most common places to solo travel too?

Europe is always popular with solo traveller’s, but I’ve seen a surge in clients choosing wellness and yoga experiences in Thailand and India, as well as solo adventure travellers headed to Canada and Scandinavia. The options are endless!

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Let me share with you my solo adventures.

I’ve said hello solo to Hong Kong, China, UK, Germany, Austria, Paris, Italy & USA.
I love travelling, I love exploring, tasting and seeing what makes a place tick. I love the real parts of a place, where the locals go.
Like I said before, I’m an only child so I have no problems packing a bag and going. I’d do it at any chance I get.
My one piece of advice for anyone thinking of going… Don’t think, just go! If you think about it too long you will talk yourself out of it. All the negative aspects will stop you. Yes, it can be unsafe for females at times depending where you’re going but be smart about it, it shouldn’t stop you. Research is key, know what you want to see or do, make a plan but allow flexibility. You need to be able to go with the flow in case you meet some new friends along the way.

I have a love affair with USA. I want to see it all. That’s my solo Dream adventure. I will continue to do parts over the next decade, when and where I can. I can’t wait to be there in Dec. So stay tuned as I bring in the New Year In NYC.
But until then, Here are a few snaps from my adventures on solo trips around the world…

I’ve been obsessed with Matty Wilson’s epic adventures. Legit! I’ve been stalking his insta since he went on his first adventure in the outback. Not only is it one place I long to see and go to but Matt knows how to share the adventure. There is a need to see what epic-ness he is doing. And ladies, let’s be honest he’s not bad on the eye.
Between his adventures and filming, I was able to ask him a bit about his Solo Adventure.

Meet Matt Wilson
Occupation: Actor
Age: 29
Location: Melbourne, Australia

How old were you on your first solo travel experience?

It wasn’t until a year ago (28) when I set off on a solo adventure. This found me driving for 6weeks around Australia with a Holden ute & a swag.

 Where have you solo travelled too?

Rome, Paris, London, Australia (and nearly all of it).

What made you have a solo adventure?

The realisation that if I waited for someone to join, I would be waiting too long.

At any point on your solo adventure did you think you were nuts doing it alone? If so, why?

The weeks leading up to D-day (departure day) I found everyone I spoke to about it would say things like:
are you crazy?
won’t you go crazy?
won’t you get bored?
I couldn’t do that myself, haven’t you seen wolf creek?
Once I hit the road, not once did I regret the way I did it. There wasn’t a second where I was understimulated. If I wasn’t listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, then I was watching out for wildlife making sure I didn’t write the car off thanks to a 6ft roo.

Would you do it again?

In a heartbeat.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about doing their first solo travel adventure?

Be prepared for everything. You won’t use half of the items you pack or need the information you’ve spent weeks researching. But at least it makes you feel comfortable.

Be prepared to say yes….every time. That’s when stories are made. There’s a quote that I took with me that goes, “An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. A convenience is an adventure wrongly considered.”

Where is your Dream solo adventure too?

I’d love to head to Africa and join a conservation/research team studying wildlife. This isn’t solo as such, I’ll be heading there not knowing anyone.

What’s the hardest part about travelling solo?

Saying goodbye to everyone you meet along the way.


As I said, Matty Wilson is one of my favourite insta accounts to follow. His eye when travelling makes his insta addictive so jump on over HERE

Travelling solo is a movement around the world, not only are many Aussies jumping on jets to exotic locations but foreigners are doing the same.

Solo Travel from Australia can be a costly affair. But what happens when you’re in the UK and you have all of Europe at your finger tips?

Meet Brendan Kwok
Occupation: Banker
Age: 32
Location: London

How old were you on your first solo travel experience?

My first solo travel was 23.

Where have you solo travelled too?

Hong Kong, Thailand, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain

What made you have a solo adventure?

Most of my friends didn’t have time to take leave or was not available, it was also a chance to meet new people

At any point on your solo adventure did you think you were nuts doing it alone? If so, why?

Absolutely not

Would you do it again?


What advice do you have for anyone thinking about doing their first solo travel adventure?

Plan well, join walking tour groups, stay in Airbnb or hostels which allow you to meet like minded people

Where is your Dream solo adventure too?


What’s the hardest part about travelling solo?

You always need to carry a selfie stick


I was wondering if it was more of a male thing to do a solo travel adventure but then I met an amazing woman from America 4 years ago who helped me open my mind even more to solo adventures.
Meet Gloria Quezada
Age: 33
Location: Washington, DC USA

How old were you on your first solo travel experience?

24 was the first solo trip but 30 was the big one where I travelled for 6 weeks by myself!

Where have you solo travelled too?

Nicaragua Peru, Australia, Thailand, India, UK, Germany, Singapore, California, New Mexico & Florida

What made you have a solo adventure?

I wanted to get really comfortable with being uncomfortable, I wanted to feel what my body did in the event of fear. I wanted to feel the adrenaline rush of the fear of aloneness and conquer it. I wanted to get really intimate with myself and learn my inner dialogue and what makes me tic what motivates me.

At any point on your solo adventure did you think you were nuts doing it alone? If so, why?

YES AB- SOULETLY!! Yes, I was 30 and wanted to really challenge myself! And challenge myself I did! I was in Australia for two weeks travelling and the night before my flight to Thailand the host I was supposed to be staying with cancelled last minute and told me that I could no longer stay with them. So I did what any girl would do … I said “fuck it! I will figure it out when I get there” I will trust in the universe to lead me in the right direction! Lesson learnt.
While the universe dealt me so really awesome cards on the way to Thailand like getting moved up to first class because the gay flight attendant just loved my eyelashes so much that he wants to talk “shop” or meeting another solo girl traveller the moment you step off the plane.
But sometimes you listen to your head more than those little signs.
Example, I should have linked up with the girl and stayed at the hotel she stayed at! Well I ended up staying in BACKPACKER CENTRAL which was fine… until I couldn’t find a proper clean room with air-con in a hostel, after walking solo in the streets for over an hour with a 65lb pack on my back, I gave up and ended up in a hostel that had no ac and was right next to a dumpster. Long story short I got sick from the smell and heat of Bangkok and got on the next flight out of there!

Would you do it again?

I try and solo trip at least once or twice a month. I love to get lost with myself and to dedicate to truly loving myself. Sometimes I don’t have a destination in mind. I just start driving and just get lost with my surroundings. Or I will have a destination in mind and then along the way stop and enjoy the journey. I will stop at little antique shops or at a cute cafe and if I see a cute garden that is just begging me to stop my car than I will stop and take out my notebook and just write what ever come to mind. WE live in a fast past go go go world where we never seem to unplug from media or from a phone or from each other. Constantly needing validation from everyone else except the one person we seem to need it the most from which is ourselves.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about doing their first solo travel adventure?

I am not going to lie. It’s a scary endeavour to travel by yourself, especially as a woman. But I can promise you that you will find such an amazing treasure travelling by yourself.
1. Get rid of your EGO! Don’t listen to everyone else saying “oh your crazy” oh that’s dangerous “why would you do that” ” I can’t travel alone” “I won’t have fun.”
Just do it! Knowing that you will come out of it a stronger person than you ever imagined.
2. You have two choices when you solo travel. BE introverted or force yourself to get to meet people. I have done both. Sometimes being introverted is exactly what is needed. But sometimes that is what kills the vacation and you get caught up in doubting yourself. This is when you have to force yourself out of your shell and see what you are truly made of.
What makes up your character.

Where is your Dream solo adventure too?

Right now my heart has been set on going to Iceland. It looks like the perfect place to get lost with yourself and just get entranced with the land and the beauty of silence.

What’s the hardest part about travelling solo?

Being alone. Not having some else to get excited with you or to share it with. Not being able to bounce ideas off someone to help guide you in the right direction. Counting on yourself to be the engager of conversation. Just counting on yourself in general. A LOT OF SILENCE TIME. Realizing some hard truths about you or your life that you were not ready to face. But when you’re by yourself for an extended amount of time your subconscious has a way of not bullshitting you.

To follow Gloria’s Holistic life and adventures, head over to her Instagram HERE.


As you can see having an epic solo adventure is a must. If you need any help or advice please hit up Kate Scott at WanderLuxe Travel CoKate has been my Travel stylist for 15years, and has planned some amazing trips for me aboard.

KB x

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