Kate Bollard

REDWOOD FOREST – Warburton, Victoria



Best kept secrets in the hills is the forest of Californian Redwoods, Sequoia sempervirens, a few kilometres outside Warburton.

The Californian Redwood trees were planted by the Board of Works about 1930 following clearing of the original eucalypt forest. Trees planted were: Bishop Pine, Douglas Fir and Californian Redwood. Further plantings of Radiata Pine, Western Red Cedar and Redwood took place in 1960–63.

The Californian Redwood trees are significant because of the history and extent of the plantation. There are over 1476 trees ranging from 20 metres to the tallest being 55 metres. They are in good condition and as they are planted in a grid are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are a contribution to the landscape by the sheer number of trees as well as containing possibly the tallest and most interesting Sequoia sempervirens in Victoria.’





It’s truly like an Enchanted Forest. As you roam around, it’s quiet and so very still. The sunlight breaking through the tall Redwoods makes the Forest very mystical like.


How to get to there:

You can find this fascinating area by driving through Warburton, following the Warburton Highway until it becomes Woods Point Road. After about 7 km, look for Cement Creek Road on the left. This is unsealed and a little rough in places, but 0.7 km along you will find a small parking area on the right along a fenceline and small gate barrier. Walk through the barrier and there you are! Some great photo opportunities here.

Be mindful it’s one road in and very tight. Parking is hard. I recommend getting there early.


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