Kate Bollard



A few weeks ago I shared with you the amazing acne treatment Kleresca® that’s blowing minds in the Dermatology industry. Incase you missed it… KLERESCA – SAY GOODBYE TO ACNE. When sitting down with Dr. John Sullivan, Dermatologist […]

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Sweeney Todd’s – Brighton

One of Melbourne’s preeminent men’s salons, Sweeney Todd’s, has just opened the bright red doors (heritage listed, of course!) of their new headquarters at 243 Bay Street in Brighton. Headed up by Founder and Creative Director, […]

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The Fox & The Hair

Let me introduce you to the Fox’s … Well some of the lovely fox’s from The Fox and The Hair. Hailing from the seaside shore of Wollongong, The Fox and The Hair is the IT salon to create lushes […]

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Now you are probably wondering… what the hell are Eyeshots ?!?! No, I’m not talking alcohol, I’m talking collagen under eye patches!! And they are the Bomb!!! I am a long time sufferer of the very […]

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Renu 28

Renu 28 Australia officially launched in Melbourne on Tuesday 24th November.  I was part of sharing Renu 28 with Australia on their Promo video of the product. This uni-sex product is simple and easy to […]

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