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Menswear has picked up its game over the last decade with some of Australia’s leading designers. A name and brand that has been on the forefront is BRENTWILSON. A brand that steps into the life of luxury cars, motorcycles, exclusive events and most importantly, amazing suits. More than just a fashion brand, BRENTWILSON is for those of us who want more than just to have nice clothes, but to become involved in a better way of life.

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The journey since 2006 to date has seen the label produce collections and projects that have developed and diversified the brand’s name within the fashion industry. The brand’s unwavering push and drive have seen openings of the Sydney flagship store in The Galeries, as well as securing a department store rollouts with Myer and David Jones; all of which reflect the continuation of the label’s success.

Regularly appearing in leading Men’s fashion titles and with well-known celebrities from around the globe such as Prince requesting to wear his clothes for red carpet appearances and events, it is no wonder that the BRENTWILSON brand is known as one of Australia’s leading Men’s Wear brands.

Recent years have seen the brand move away from a system of mass production and towards a more nuanced selection of garments, paving a road for individuality in menswear with limited edition collections. With only 10 pieces being produced per style and regular new product drops throughout the season, embrace the luxury of uniqueness and the excitement of originality.

BRENTWILSON is hitting the runway of Fashion+Aid‘s first ever Sydney event on October 14th. I got to sit down with the name his self to chat all things Fashion+Aid and fashion.

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BRENTWILSON is about to hit the Fashion+Aid Runway in Sydney in October. It’s the first time Fashion+Aid is in Sydney, what can we expect from the BRENTWILSON runway?

Men’s tailoring at its finest, sharp suits in a range of luxury fabrics, texture and prints.

What was your inspiration behind your latest collection?

My inspiration, in general, is life, to create a feeling and mood that is current to today’s lifestyles goals and desires.

What is your favourite piece from this collection and why?

My favourite pieces would most definitely be the 3 piece suits… they have almost become somewhat of a signature piece of the brand and myself.

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What had been your biggest personal achievement as a brand this far?

To continually reinvent myself and to never giving up.

Who has been your biggest role model/mentor?

Anyone who is doing well, I love seeing other achieve greatness. This inspires, motivates and drives me to do better.

Do you have any advice for aspiring designers wanted to start their own label?

Work hard and never give up. If it was meant to be easy everyone would be doing it and doing it well!

When you are having some “me” time… where would we most likely find you and what would you be doing?

Racing cars, motorbikes or cycling.

Favourite place to travel to get inspired?

Anywhere… as soon as I step foot on a plane I get inspired by what could be.

 Coffee or Tea? How do you have it?

Have never tried and don’t drink either. Water, from the tap.

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Next time you’re in the city of Sydney, Swing by and check out the flagship store

The Galeries Victoria
Shop RG25 Ground Floor
500 George Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000

Can’t wait to see BRENTWILSON at Sydney Fashion+Aid.

KB xx

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