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The voice that won the hearts of Australian’s is about to hit the stage at this year’s Fashion + Aid on Sept 10th. I recently sat down with Emily for 5 minutes.

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You have had some pretty cool and amazing moments in your career. What is your most memorable moment that you treasure?  

Oh there have been so many! I am thankful for every experience I have had because they have got me to where I am today. I will always remember the feeling of being in the Australian Idol Final, it began such an incredible  rollercoaster of experiences for me and gave me the confidence and motivation to chase my dreams. Touring Europe was also definitely a highlight and getting to go to so many amazing countries and promote my music….that was a mind blowing experience!

You are performing at this years Fashion Aid, can you give us a little insight to what we might expect?   

Yes, I can’t wait to perform! It’s a great event for a such an amazing cause. The track I’m performing is a bit of a surprise but it’s definitely something you will all know.

When you are having ‘Me’ time, where do you go and what do you love to do? 

I love time to just relax and get my thoughts together. I’m always so busy so I like to wind down by doing yoga and getting out in the fresh air and being active.

Who are your style Icons?  

My style icons are Beyonce, Gwen Steffani and Pink. They are all strong, beautiful and powerful women. I love their fearless style that represents their personalities.

 Who has been your biggest mentor or role model in your career? 

There are so many! I take my inspiration from woman who are doing what they want and making it happen. Any woman who is fearless and confident in herself is a role model for me.

The theme for this years Fashion Aid is Met Ball. Who or what is your inspiration for the night? 

Being a huge Beyonce fan, I can’t look past Beyonce’s amazing Met Ball appearances as inspiration for the night. I love her feminine and daring dresses which always make her stand out from the crowd. 

If you could give advice to your 18yr old self. What would it be? 

Just to believe in myself and to keep working hard at what I want. At such a young age it’s easy to self-doubt yourself, but to build confidence in what you do and who you are is so important thing you can do.

Fashion + Aid is September 10th, Don’t miss out on hearing EMILY WILLIAMS‘ amazing voice live on stage with one of this year’s designers.

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