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Jordan St Quintin


West Australian-born, Melbourne based independent musician and artist, Jordan St Quintin has released his debut album titled ‘MANiA’.

Produced by St Quintin, alongside Stuart Le Brander (ILLY, Timomatic, Dylan Joel, KYLE) and beatmaker, Dom Cork (Amy Shark, Bliss n Eso, Ghostface Killa) MANiA also features collaborations with Triple J regular, Midas.Gold, Yabby and Ava Hayz.

An excited St Quintin revealed, “This isn’t like anything I’ve ever done before. I feel very proud of the work I’ve been able to create.”

St. Quintin delivers a 10-track album comprising of pop-punchy beats, whilst delivering his message (aimed at removing the stigma surrounding mental health) with his soulful vocals.

“The album is an expression of my own struggle with mental health, I am aiming to abolish the stigma around mental health and hope that we can start to take serious action and provide more facilities available for people who are suffering.”

“I’m trying to deliver my message as honestly and easy to digest as possible. With that being said this album is very confronting. Sonically, lyrically and even visually. I wanted to create a world that people could escape to when times are tough. Art will save the world”, said St Quintin.

Kicking off the celebration to release the album, St Quintin held an exclusive launch party at Laurent Gallery in South Melbourne on Thursday 4 October. Where guests had the chance to listen to the new album and browse a curated exhibition of collective artworks by the man himself inspired by the album.


Since a young age, St Quintin has shown promise in his ability, by winning local music festivals and poetry awards, which would further come into play when he began his songwriting career.

So who is Jordan St Quintin and what makes him tick…




Tell me, what was the main inspiration behind ‘MANiA’?

MANiA is all about my dealing with mental health over the past two years. It touches on some pretty dark themes that I really wanted to explore and convey. The album was made to help anyone who thinks they’re alone. Hopefully, they can listen and relate!

There is a lot that goes into making an album, long before the public holds it in their hands. How did you find the production process? 

This album was the most intense thing I’ve ever done. I had a fairly nonchalant attitude going into the project. But it ended up consuming my life. I put in a lot of long hours in the studio trying to get it as close to perfect as I could. I didn’t quiet tech it, but I’m happy with how it turned out!

How would you describe your ‘sound’ to a new potential fan?

Alternative Pop, with a dash of hip-hop

How has your music evolved throughout your personal music journey, and how is ‘MANiA’ different from your previous work?

I think the maturity and honesty really came through in this album. More than any other track I had done before.


I know it is hard, but if you had to choose what is your personal favourite song and lyrical highlight on the album and why?

That’s really hard! There are a few lyrics I really like but I think I’m more excited about the features I have on the record. Yabby, Ava Hayz and of course, Midas.Gold. These guys all came through in the clutch and elevated the record. It wouldn’t be the same without them.

Is there any crazy or funny stories or anecdotes from the writing or recording stage that you can share with us?

I have plenty! Dom Cork and I had some funny moments in the early hours of the mornings when we were sleep deprived and cabin fever had begun to set in haha. We drove around Melbourne looking for the Krispy Kreme Maxi-Bon ice creams for a couple of hours, everywhere was sold out! We didn’t find it (sad face)

How did you get into music? Are there any major influences that have assisted to shape your music taste and sound?

My family and friends really motivate me and got me into music. As for my musical influences, I respect the OG’s of Hip-Hop/Pop/Rnb. I grew up on a lot of rock music too. So I’m a big fan of Angus Young, Michael Hutchins, Axl Rose. All of the big, bold, loud personalities in music.

What has been the best piece of music or industry advice you’ve been given that has been imperative to your success?

Just do you! Be positive and believe!


Available on: iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music.

Genre: Pop, Electronic, Soul.

Find out more about him on:



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