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Mads Francis

April 2, 2017

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Fashion is a huge part of my life clearly. I studied Fashion Design at TAFE and I loved all the illustration work we would do. From huge life drawings to runway sketches and designs. I have a huge appreciation for talented illustrators.
I came across a local Melbourne Fashion Illustrator Mads Francis due to seeing her fab illustrations on Instagram. She’s the “it girl” illustrator who has a list of high-profile celebrities following her and owning images of themselves.

I find myself always having a browse to see what new illustrations she has created. Not only does she recreate celebrity moments but has worked with amazing labels and brands and has worked for private events around the world.

I recently sat down for 5 Minutes with the very beautiful and talented Mads Francis.
Welcome to the world of Mads Francis….

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I’m going to start this 5 Minutes interview with some Fun Mads Francis Questions so we can really get to know who you are. For those that don’t know the Uber Cool Chick you are!

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Determined ~ introvert ~ creative

Our lives are so busy these days. When you are having ‘Me’ time, where do you go and what do you love to do?

I like to schedule ‘Me’ nights in my diary and they are usually spent with a 20-minute shower, then straight into bed with my laptop, some sort of mask on my face watching a documentary

Style is a massive part of my life. We are both always at events looking stylish!
Who is your style icon?

Style icon is Kate Moss, I also love Michelle Lamy. Both so different but I feel as though I take things from both.

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your closet that you just can’t live without?

Most definitely my denim jacket, so versatile

I’m a Coffee addict! Coffee or Tea? How do you have it?

Coffee – strong no sugar

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

Surprisingly I wanted to be an artist.

Favourite place you have travelled to for either work or vacation?

I’m in love with Berlin – I also like the UAE


Let’s talk all things Creative…

You are one super talented lady! You have worked with some amazing brands and clients, how did this all begin for you?

Thank you so much! I was studying fashion and was uploading my illustrations to Instagram when one night one hit the front page and Rihanna started following me, that really gave me a massive boost of confidence!

You have had many a high profile celebrity follow you &/or re-post an illustration you have created of them. Has there been one favourite you have created?

A highlight was definitely the one of Khloe Kardashian flipping her hair around, she posted it and is now on her wall at home.


Who has been your biggest mentor or role model in your career?

I’ve always been very influenced by teachers. I read a lot also, I’m not so sure who my role model would be.

What has been your career highlight soon far?

Career highlight was probably when I was flown to UAE to illustrate at a private event with the artist that made me fall in love with my craft.

If you could pick any brand or client, Who would be your dream to work with?

My dream client would be Chanel, such a beautiful brand and I think it is just edgy enough to align with my work. I also admire Karl Lagerfeld so much!

What inspires you?

Everything inspired me but I would say travelling is what really influences my work, each time I go to a new place I discover a new style of art or new artist to learn about.

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Thank you so much, Mads Francis, for your time. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

To keep up to date on everything Mads Francis is doing check out the below links!



Or to buy any of her amazing pieces or the get a custom piece head to …

Mads Francis

KB xx

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