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mind your own uterus please!

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Pressure of the modern day woman is at an all time high! We are trying to be successful in our own right, most of the time in a male dominated world. We struggle with bullying, to getting equal pay and if that’s not enough… we have to listen to friends and family saying… “when are you going to settle down?” Or “are you going to have a baby soon?”

Let’s be honest for a second…
My name is Kate Bollard, I’m 30 years old, Single, Entrepreneur, Lover of coffee and/or wine depending on my mood and I forget to sometimes feed myself.

Oh the harsh reality of my life, I’m busy and don’t know how to say NO…. Everyone around me is either in a loving, amazing relationship or married. Have children and have there shit together. Polar opposite to what I have going on.  **pouring a glass of wine as shits getting real and the anxiety sets in.**

Now in an ideal world I didn’t expect to be here in my current situation. I was in a very long relationship a life time ago… thinking we would have kids maybe one day and grow old together. BUT that was not the plan that the universe had for me. I look at the past 6years I have lived in Melbourne and I can’t believe I have done what I have done! I have had some amazing opportunities and successes, I’ve met incredible people who I call family. I’ve had some interesting relationships and some business failures. But who hasn’t failed at some point when you are your own boss lady! You have to learn some how. Now back to the topic…

Yes, I want a family. I want to be in an amazing relationship and have babies with him. On a great day I want 4, on a tired day… 1 will do! But I have only just started wanting to have kids. I always thought I would have none – 1 maybe. It wasn’t a must do thing for me until I hit 30. The clock must have started ticking inside me, as those idiots says.

Now your probably thinking… what’s your point Kate? Well I’ve been doing alittle research, I’ve been freaking out that I might never have a baby! By the time I find the partner I want to be the father of my children, it might be to late. I’ve watched videos, read facts and had some amazing ladies tell me why they froze eggs! YES FREEZING EGGS for later!! I’ve cried, I’ve laughed and I was shocked. It honestly showed me a side of myself I didn’t know I had…and a very emotional side.

Freezing Eggs: Some say it’s wrong, science taking over, it should just happen naturally. Others, it’s the only way they will be able to have a baby. They either have issues or are a single female or gay female wanting to have a baby. Im a pretty open minded woman, and Im all for a single straight or gay woman wanting to have a baby. Nothing wrong with that, I was raised by a single mother. I think I turned out pretty well!
I know the whole process is pretty intense. I watched a few blog posts of a few women sharing the experiences they had. It’s a huge deal and something as females I think we need to look at. Knowledge is power.
I wanted to share a video from Melbourne IVF that shares a few facts. They have a lot of information for those interested. Please jump over and check it all out.

For me, well Im a hippy at heart and believe the universe has a plan, and I just have to roll with it. My warrior ( future father of my Children) will come into my life when he’s meant too. And if children are meant to happen, they will! If not, then the universe has something else for me.

But I beg of you…. mind your own uterus! It’s stressful and hard to hear people asking you. And those couples who are married without kids don’t want to hear “why” questions about kids either. You may think it’s a simple question and no harm. But you truly don’t know what that couple or single female is dealing with. Get a hobby and stop asking!

By the way…. the Tees “mind your own uterus” and “My Body My Business” are from female collective ! They have some pretty cute tees.


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